Collections featured in TES magazine Friday 17 June 2011

Primary resources collections featured in the TES magazine:Friday 17th June 2011

Primary Maths - Measure - time

  • There are two main areas in learning about time: duration of an event and intervals between events; and the recording of a particular time when something takes place, in either analogue or digital form.

Primary PSHE - Healthy Eating

  • As part of Primary PHSE, pupils should be taught what makes a ‘healthy lifestyle’. A major focus of this is healthy eating: what are the main food groups? What constitutes a ‘balanced’ meal? What effects do different nutrients have on the body? Here we have collated some fabulous resources to help pupils understand the value of different foods and to begin to make informed choices about what they put into their bodies. Of course, you may find these resources invaluable in Science lessons too!

Primary English - Drama plans and scripts

  • Drama can play a spontaneous part in lessons, be a focal element, or help pupils become more immersed in a topic. It can be done by groups or the whole class, and bridge across age ranges. We have gathered together a large collection of ideas and scripts for Primary Drama lessons, whether your pupils are acting as a Greek Chorus, playing the part of evacuees to explore WWII or being King of the Wild Things…

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