Collections featured in TES Magazine Friday 20 May 2011

Primary resources collections featured in the TES magazine: Friday 20th May 2011

History - Ancient Greece

  • In this collection you will find superb resources, shared by our generous contributors, to teach a topic on Ancient Greece. Browse the full unit plans, set the scene using maps, share Greek myths with powerpoints, play Greek Gods Top Trumps and even solve a murder mystery!

English TESiboard Explanation texts

  • ‘Explanation Texts’ are similar to Information Texts but explain a process, often in a step-by-step, sequential manner. Examples include the lifecycle of a butterfly or how a seed grows. The non-fiction topics that we cover can easily support cross-curricular work, such as ‘The Lifecycle of a Butterfly’ in English and Science.

Maths - Fractions for KS1

  • The resources in this collection are all designed for KS1 pupils, to learn the concept of splitting a whole into parts, or sharing items/pieces as proportions. At this age, this will mostly involve halves and quarters. Many of the activities could also be used for SEN pupils.

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