Collections featured in TES magazine Friday 24 June 2011

Primary resources collections featured in the TES magazine:Friday 24th June 2011

Primary Maths - Measure - size

  • The measure strand of Mathematics encompasses a range of different skills and concepts. Younger pupils focus on gaining suitable language and tying it to concepts of size: large, small, larger, smaller, largest, smallest, etc. Following on from this, pupils will be introduced to measuring, initially using non-standard units (e.g. number of steps to cross a room). Later on, the focus is being able to use accurately instruments of measure, across a range of measurement units (kg, ml, seconds etc).

Primary English - Instructional writing

  • Pupils first learn of instructions in list formats, such as personal reminders and simple planning notes, and soon move onto writing their own instructions for everyday activities and processes. Instructional writing uses the second person, imperative mood (or ‘bossy verbs’) and often employs time connectives, such as ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘finally’. The correct order of instructions is vital, so sequencing activities are widely used.
    Our contributors have uploaded detailed planning and sets of instructions for a huge amount of subjects, from making a jam sandwich to putting up a tent…

Primary Science - Minibeasts

  • The study of minibeasts forms an important part of the Science curriculum in the summer term. The large variety of creatures classed under this heading and their ready availability in local environments means that lessons on minibeasts need never be dull! Practical observations and investigations are essential, but it is important to provide background information and to test the pupils’ understanding, with resources such as these featured in two interlinked collections.

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