Collections featured in TES magazine Friday 3 June 2011

Primary resources collections featured in the TES magazine: Friday 3rd June 2011

Music - Composing

  • Stimuli, activities and lesson plans for pupils’ musical composition, as well as graphic scoring and stave notation lessons.

Maths - Position, Direction and Movement – KS1

  • Position, Direction and Movement are all related to the Shape and Space area of the Numeracy Curriculum.
    ‘Position’ in the KS1 curriculum is initially about position of things in relation to other things, so, “above”, “behind”, “in between”, “next to”, and so on. These ideas quickly develop into concepts of direction and movement, often in the context of giving instructions to get from one place to another. Some activities will be in real world contexts, such as a route or journey; others will have more precise control and simulation contexts where detailed ‘programmable’ instructions will guide an on-screen object or a control toy such as a Roamer or Beebot. For this reason, this area of the curriculum can easily be covered in a cross curricular manner, linked to Geography, ICT or even Literacy

English - Introducing drama

  • The benefits of drama are multifold: children have opportunities for their emotions to be expressed and controlled; they will begin to voice their opinions and to listen to and appreciate those of others. In this collection we have resources for drama reference and theory, as well as activities for introducing drama to pupils through warm-up games.

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