Collections featured in TES magazine Friday 3 June 2011

Secondary resources collections featured in the TES magazine: Friday 3rd June 2011

Physical education - Dance

  • Resources to inspire lessons on various styles of dance, movement and expression for secondary PE lessons, as well as material for display, assessment and planning all shared by teachers on TES.

Design and technology - KS4 Product Design

  • These resource gems could help start a class moving in the right direction with Product Design, introduce a topic in a succinct way or even provide a body of work that simply runs itself. There is a focus on sustainability and product analysis, the writing of specifications and how to effectively annotate ideas; useful topics to consider with exams fast approaching and next year’s planning on the horizon.

Maths - A level core

  • It is often the way in maths teaching that a lot of the effort that goes into creating new, exciting resources tends to be focussed on Key Stages 3 and 4. This is understandable as maths is compulsory for these age groups, it is taught in every single school, and it is widely accepted that there is a need to engage students early, for fear they may otherwise become disaffected with the subject. Relatively little attention is paid to developing similar resources for A Level, and yet those embarking upon an A Level course are the same students who 6 weeks earlier were finishing their GCSEs. It is my opinion that the jump from Maths GCSE to A Level is the greatest out of all the subjects, and hence there is a great need for resources to help students bridge what can be seen as an insurmountable gap and understand some difficult concepts. Hopefully this bundle of resources will help towards that goal.

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