Community History Month

Community History Month (1-31 May) encourages communities to explore their history and promotes historical awareness of your local area. We have hand-picked some of the best lesson plans, activities and assemblies from TES Connect to help you celebrate the history of your local community during the month of May.

Community Resources:

Fire of London

  • Is your local community London? Look back to the Great Fire of London during Community History Month with this informative presentation including a variety of tasks.

Bristol and slavery

  • For local communities in the South-West, this GCSE History local study on Bristol examines what factors made it a successful slave port.

Scottish history videos

  • Study Scotland during Community History Month by exploring this selection of lesson plans and videos.

The Blitz in Wales

  • Use your pupils’ enquiry skills with these resources about the effects of the Blitz on Wales.

Industrial revolution

  • For town and cities with an industrial background, this lesson is a great way to investigate local history by exploring the conditions of child workers in the industrial revolution.

General resources:

Postcards from the past: Primary local history project

  • A cross-curricular lesson using Google tools to allow students to compare their local area in images past and present.

Victorian Britain topic mat

  • Facts about Victorian Britain on a double sided mat to support independent learning or as a resource for group work at KS2.

Local history: Teachers’ pack

  • Ideal for Community History Month, this pack allows classes to explore local history and geography. Investigate rivers and settlements using these resources, ideas and lesson plans.

Victorian homes and communities

  • KS2 Victorian homes project comparing local history, homes and lifestyles in the past 100 years with the present day

History cookbook

  • Celebrate Community History Month by discovering how historical communities’ diets affected their lifestyle and use the recipes to recreate their dishes.

History of Britain assembly

  • Raise awareness of Community History Month by getting your pupils to perform this light-hearted assembly.

Multi-cultural Britain

  • Take your students on a journey into the past and through immigration from the West Indies to the present day with this PowerPoint-based lesson plan. Identify some of the factors that caused people to emigrate to the UK in the 20th Century and how attitudes and communities have changed.

African community history

  • Help pupils to compare and contrast their own local histories and communities with those in African countries with this lesson from TES partner Plan International.

Celebrate black history

  • Celebrate the historical icons of America’s black community with this interactive journey. Take your class through the black history timeline from 1619, when the first Africans came to America as slave labour, up to 2008 when Barack Obama became the first African-American president.