Coordinator of Science – NSW

Coordinator of Science

The Pittwater House Schools in Collaroy




1. Head of Teaching and Learning

2. Pastoral Heads of School

3. Parents



The care of and interest in the individual student is one of the most important aspect that differentiates Pittwater House from other education institutions. Differentiating between the sexes and maximising the pedagogical needs of each gender is a core aim of Pittwater House Schooling.


Providing the students with an academic, relevant, global, 21st century educational experience that encourages the use of technology and critical thinking skills is central to the Pittwater House service.


Honesty and integrity are the first of the Pittwater House Core Values and need to be reflected in staff attitude towards all areas of the school. Confidentiality of records and information, both personal and corporate, is of paramount importance. In all dealings with parents, students, staff and members of the public your approach needs to reflect the high standard and reputation of the Schools and your actions need to be in accordancewith relevant laws.


Essential Criteria

Teaching and Learning

A Pittwater House teacher will create a learning environment that is engaging, promotes and recognises excellence and differentiates for the needs of all students. In particular they will:


  • have academic mastery of the subject content they teach
  • have proven skills in programing, lesson planning and assessment strategies
  • be reflective teachers, continually looking for feedback and lifelong learning opportunities
  • embrace the use of technology and other 21st century skills into their programs with an understanding of its use in order to improve engagement, differentiation and learning
  • recognise the importance of providing differentiated content, assessment and learning strategies in all classes
  • be skilled in classroom management and administration
  • understand the need to provide effective feedback to students in order to improve their understanding and learning
  • maintain effective communication with colleagues, Heads of School and parents
  • be an active user of the schools e-learning platform to support learning and communication
  • be accomplished in assessment and reporting
  • assesses and returns work promptly to students with adequate feedback
  • be available for faculty and staff meetings before and after school, where required


Applications close: 20th September 2013.


For more information and how to apply please visit:


Please mention “TES AUSTRALIA” When Applying for this role.


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