Crowdsourcing the new ICT Curriculum Resources

As teachers start to think about the changes that are going to happen to ICT in school after government announcements and the Royal Society report, this collection will bring together the resources that teachers believe will support the three new areas – Information Technology, Digital Learning and Computing. Initially, only a few resources have been included as examples and we’d like to build this collection with your resources to support the changed curriculum. We’ll be looking to feature new items on a regular basis – let us know via our forum about your new additions and suggestions!


Information Technology (IT)

As defined by the Royal Society Report, this is the use of computers, in industry, commerce, the arts and elsewhere, including aspects of IT systems architecture, human factors, project management, etc. (Note that this is narrower than the use in industry, which generally encompasses Computer Science as well.)

Planning a Website

  • A set of resources to support learners who are creating their own website.

Digital Literacy

As defined by the Royal Society Report, The general ability to use computers…… it is a set of skills rather than a subject in its own right.

Keyboard Drag and Drop Quizzes

  • 3 quizzes to assess learners’ keyboard keys knowledge.


As defined by the Royal Society Report, the rigorous academic discipline, encompassing programming languages, data structures, algorithms, etc

Interactive Computer Labelling

  • A useful revision guide for learners

Introduction to Python for GCSE students

  • An e-book for GCSE students

Using Alice for storytelling

  • Building programming skills by making it relevant and interesting in other subject areas

Using Kodu in class

  • Using visual programming tools, even younger children can start to develop logic skills in programming

Scratch tutorial - programming a computer game

  • A tutorial for developing more complex programming skills

Games-based Learning Collection

  • With a range of games-creating resources


Secondary ICT resources