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  • The information necessary to use ACCESS FM effectively and in the way it was originally intended, with this resource you can present ACCESS FM to students from all key stages up to degree level or teachers if you like.
  • What is it? - It is in essence a website, but so much more. The whole site has been produced by a teacher for teachers to use. First and foremost the site provides the definitive version of accessfm and illustrates how it can be used properly. There is a feature on the one, half, zero rule, a really quick and easy way of scoring a product using accessfm. A study of a number of inspirational products using this successful product analysis tool and an introduction and full explanation of LINKS FX, a thinking skill squarely aimed at the A Level student.
  • How could it be used? - There are a plethora of ways in which this website can be used. Firstly you can simply display the acronym and its meanings, either by downloading and printing or by simply projecting onto a white board. You can use the site to show examples of product analysis, in this case the in depth evaluation of a Flip It chair and also an IPod Nano. Both of these items come with detailed photography which aids the explanations and judgements made. You can use the site to buy books that are handpicked and reviewed strictly for use in the classroom by both staff and pupils. There are examples of students work and interpretation of the accessfm thinking tool, a full guide and in depth explanation of the LINKS FX thinking tool. The site was created and is run by the inventor of accessfm and as such is concise, detailed and most importantly features topics trialled nationally countless times. Try extending things further by putting together a handling collection that would compliment the site. Nothing flash or expensive is necessary, simply a range of products that show some evolution or development, clothes pegs for example, just have a look, see how many examples are out there.
  • How have you used this resource? - I use the site on a daily basis across all key stages; it saves me so much time by essentially not having to reproduce resources. I am never in a position where I do not have at hand an example of a relevant item to refer back to and have used the downloadable version as a poster in every classroom across the department. I use the site to introduce new staff to our way of thinking and use the student work examples to set the standard to both pupils and staff. I have purchased a number of books via the site, which coincidentally links directly to amazon.co.uk, so is safe to use. I have given my A Level and higher ability students access to the site and asked them to study the LINKS FX tool and with great effect. Accessfm is used in everything we do in the department, its used to create task analysis, specifications, existing design analysis, initial idea and development notation, user testing and end of project evaluations, we find Accessfm.com compliments our way of working perfectly and we find any resource that is relevant, quick and simple to use, invaluable.
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