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Yr8 Food Technology Scheme of Work

Secondary Design and Technology

  • A Year 8 Food Technology Scheme of Work, booklet and end of unit test. It utilises some of the License to Cook recipes. Written with students in mind, something that will sit extremely well with the new and upcoming Ofsted guidelines.
  • What is it? - Well what can I say? I am new to teaching food technology, I am product design trained and do not mind telling you, a little nervous about it. So when I discovered this fantastic resource I was more than just glad. This resource comprises a full and I do mean full scheme of work, which is both thorough and extremely logical. A student booklet and even an end of term or end of topic test. Think about that for a moment then have a look, see how much time and effort you just saved yourself by simply clicking twice on a mouse. All three units are downloaded as separate files and are immaculately presented; they can be printed very easily and are very effective when projected in the classroom. This superb resource has been reviewed positively 48 times and rightfully so.
  • How could it be used? - Put it straight into your Yr8 food SOW, it’s very simple to get to grips with. The booklet starts with some target setting for the pupils and encourages them to evaluate their progress from their last project. This moves swiftly into the actual SOW, followed by the main bulk of the topic. You are immediately gifted a set of lesson objectives, key words followed by a work sheet for that particular lesson. There are links to videos and websites to consolidate or add value to the topic, literacy tasks, and ingredients lists for practicals and concise methods for making. You will find traffic light labelling for food nutrition, done in a relevant and easy to understand way, homework tasks set and explained, sensory qualities of foods, evaluation of working practices, “did you know” sections, product profiles, historical and cultural pointers, assessment for learning and so on. This is a seriously fine piece of work and one that I would be proud to include in my own departments approach. As stated I am not particularly familiar with the teaching of food technology as a whole but would encourage even more reviews on this resource with reference to how it could be developed further for older students or for differing levels of ability
  • How have you used this resource? - My department have taken time to study this SOW and are using it as a base or guideline for future developments in our approach to teaching food technology. We only have one 50 minute lesson per week with our KS3 pupils and so will use the core of this resource but unfortunately will not be able to include the entire piece. However we will use some of the remainder for our Yr9 projects. This is an outstanding piece of work and one that has saved me a massive amount of time and effort at a point in the year when both come at a premium.
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