December assemblies

3 Red Ribbon

  • Saturday was World Aids Day. Explore the significance of the red ribbon and discuss the issues around Aids with this ChristianAid assembly.

4 Advent

  • Start the Christmas season by explaining Advent and create a whole school wreath for display.

5 St Nick

  • Who is St Nicholas and why is he celebrated? Discover the answers with this visual presentation.

6 Time for giving 1

  • Move away from Christmas wish-lists and instead get reflective and think about helping others with the “Time for Giving” assemblies - there’s one for each week of advent. This assembly focuses on those lucky to be alive and is from the British Red Cross.

7 Hanukkah

  • The Jewish Festival of Lights starts tomorrow. Celebrate, explore the customs and share the stories around this occasion with this assembly.


10 Human Rights Day

  • People suffer threats to their lives, safety and family every day. What should human beings be entitled to? Discuss with this TrueTube presentation.

11 International Mountain Day

  • Look at the seven most spectacular things the Earth has to offer with these natural wonders of the world.

12 Christmas around the world

  • Not everyone celebrates on 25 December. Discover Christmas according to other cultures.

13 Time for giving 2

  • Reflect on the difference between what we want, and what we need with this ChristianAid assembly about giving at Christmas.

14 Steps to success

  • With module exams coming up in January, these revision tips should help pupils kick-start revision over the holidays.

17 Winter festivities

  • This presentation explores the festivals that fill people with joy around the world in December.

18 Christmas from the past

  • Go back in time and see how the Victorians celebrated the Christmas season with an assembly from HerbertLearning.

19 Time for giving 3

  • Explore the work of the Send a Cow charity and the difference it makes to the communities it helps.

20 Christmas Carol

  • Get pupils in the festive spirit by performing Dickens’ classic seasonal story with this playscript adapted for assembly.

21 Time for peace

  • A multi-faith and multi-cultural reflection of peace with calming, serene visuals - perfect for the end of term.


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