Deputy Head of Junior School

Deputy Head of Junior School

Overnewton Anglican Community College


Primary purpose

The deputy will provide significant and visible support to the Head of Junior School and Junior School staff and will be required to deputise for the Head of Junior School when he/she is absent.


The Deputy Head of Junior School (Teaching and Learning) is responsible for the implementation of the Junior School curriculum.


Position in context: lines of communication and reporting


Whilst reporting to the Head of Junior School, there will be a requirement for the incumbent to work with the Head of Curriculum, particularly with respect to matters of scope and sequence and issues of transition. Junior School classroom teachers report to the Head of Junior School through the deputy on matters pertaining to teaching and learning.


Major responsibilities


Deputy Head of Junior School:

  • Assist with daily organisation of Junior School
  • Liaise with Junior School staff on all matters relating to daily running of Junior School
  • Work directly with the Head of School through regular meetings to plan, implement and evaluate change
  • Liaise directly with Deputy Head of Junior School (Pastoral)
  • Weekly meeting with Head of Junior School and Deputy Head of Junior School (Pastoral) & Head of Learning Development and Support
  • Support and attend all relevant Junior School functions
  • Assist Head of Junior School in setting calendar dates
  • Organise meeting schedules
  • Provide input into and assistance with time-tabling
  • Assist with time-table changes due to special events (e.g. swimming)
  • Represent OACC Junior School at IPSHA Deputy Head meetings
  • Assist Head of School with staff management including appointments and induction
  • Assist with student enrolments – conduct ‘Readiness for School’ assessment
  • Mentor graduate and beginning teachers
  • Organise the Prep transition program
  • Working with the Head of Junior School & Deputy Head of Junior School Pastoral, coordinate and evaluate the current Transition Program at Preparatory and Year 4
  • Take an active role in the appraisal program as directed by Head of School
  • Actively contribute to the setting up, planning and running of assemblies
  • Take an active role in ‘School Alive’ tours



  • Exemplary role model in all areas of curriculum and best practice in Teaching and Learning
  • Inspire and motivate others to aim for excellence
  • Develop an annual action plan for curriculum direction in Junior School
  • Conduct fortnightly meetings in conjunction with Deputy Head (Pastoral) and Years P-2 and 3-4 coordinators
  • Be a member of the College Curriculum Committee and liaise with specialist Heads of Faculty
  • Liaise regularly with Deputy Head Teaching and Learning across campus
  • Plan for ongoing improvement of student academic performance through analysis of a range of performance data
  • Monitor term planners for consistency and continuity
  • Responsibility for assessment and reporting including report time-lines/data banks/NAPLAN/portfolios
  • Ensure all staff Professional Learning is up to date (particularly ‘whole staff’ training)
  • Identify targeted Professional Learning for Junior School needs and share/disseminate professional reading material
  • Provide regular curriculum based articles for publication in Whispers informing parents about Junior School Curriculum matters
  • Liaise with appropriate Middle School and Senior School staff in relation to curriculum
  • Update intranet curriculum pages/files
  • Identify projects for LNSLN grant applications
  • Provision of Parent Information evenings (work in conjunction with Years P-2 and 3-4 co-ordinators to organise and conduct)
  • Identify new grants and curriculum initiatives for Junior School
  • Explore and evaluate programs that may be of benefit to student achievement in line with curriculum priorities and current practices
  • Liaise with specialist teachers who have a teaching role in the Junior School in relation to differentiation and programming
  • Participate in reviews and working parties for College wide curriculum initiatives
  • Involvement in Program Support Groups and the development of Individual Educational Plans as directed by Head of Junior School in conjunction with Head of Learning


Development and Support

  • Conduct audits of class time-tables/programs and provide ongoing feedback to staff
  • In conjunction with Head of Learning Development and Support, co-ordinate, support and monitor intervention programs and support staff in effective use of teacher aides in classrooms
  • Liaise with specialists re assessments (e.g. Educational implications of a speech assessment etc.)
  • Ensure booklists are appropriate and relevant to curriculum expectation/needs
  • Assist Gifted Coordinator and monitor, review and develop the program


Key Contacts

Internal: Head of Junior School, Deputy Head of Junior School (Pastoral), Head of Curriculum, members of College Curriculum Committee, other School-based Deputy Heads (Teaching and Learning), Head of Learning Development and Support

External: IPSHA and other appropriate curriculum networks



This position of responsibility attracts a time allowance of 1200 minutes per two-week cycle, combined with teaching responsibilities, and a monetary allowance at POR Level 4 ($ 8,524 in 2013).


About the Person

It is expected that all staff will support the Christian ethos of an Anglican school, be IT literate and be willing to participate in our co-curricular program. All staff occupying positions of responsibility are expected to provide leadership in exemplifying Overnewton College values relating to community, learning, respect and environment.


Staff in positions of responsibility will demonstrate:

  • Exemplary teaching skills and use of ICT
  • Thorough knowledge of the Australian Curriculum Exemplary communication and organisational skills
  • Collaborative and proactive approaches to handling day to day matters
  • The ability to provide strong leadership and clear direction to colleagues
  • The ability to effectively manage change
  • Up to date knowledge of broader educational developments and best practice
  • Knowledge of, compliance with and public support of all College policies
  • Mindfulness of the need for cohesion across two campuses and across the P – 12 developmental continua in all courses of action
  • Full conversance with the strategic planning document: Overnewton 2020: Our Future in Focus as the guide that leads planning within the College
  • Active membership of professional associations


Knowledge, skills and experience relevant to this position

  • Be an outstanding classroom teacher
  • Possess knowledge of and passion for best practice Junior School pedagogy
  • Demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of best practice teaching (including differentiating the curriculum within the Junior School)
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead a team
  • Have a thorough working knowledge of the Australian Curriculum, the Inquiry process and a passion for curriculum innovation


Conditions of Employment

Details of employment conditions can be discussed with the Principal or his delegate at final interview. Essentially, the College offers over-award conditions including superannuation advantages. Teachers (except those acting as temporary replacements for staff on leave) areappointed permanently. Positions of responsibility are ordinarily assigned on a renewable contract basis concurrent with teaching responsibilities. All staff must be aware of and able to work within Occupational Health and Safety and Equal Employment OpportunityLegislation.


The Selection Process

A preliminary short list of applicants will be prepared and interviews conducted by a panel including the Head of Junior School, the Head of Curriculum and the Head of Taylors Lakes Campus. A shortlist for the position will be prepared and final interviews conducted by the Principal. The Principal or his delegate will make all appointments.


How to Apply:

All external applicants are required to complete the appropriate application form, including additional information as specified on the form. Applications which do not include evidence of registration with the Victorian Institute of Teachers (VIT) will not be considered.


Application form found at


In the first instance, enquiries and applications should be directed to:

Mrs Andrea Turner, Human Resources Assistant


Telephone: 03 9334 0035



School Details

Overnewton Anglican Community College 
2-30 Overnewton Road
Phone: 03 9334 0000


Closing Date for Applications: 5.00 pm on Monday 26 August, 2013.

Applications will be acknowledged by email. If acknowledgement of your application has not been received after two working days, please contact the Human Resources Assistant, Andrea Turner (Ph: 9334 0035)



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