Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal


St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School in Queensland


Reports to: Principal


Classification Level: Member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Educational Leadership Team.


Reporting Relationships: HOFs/PARs, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Principal, Office Manager


Key Liaisons: SLT and Facilities Manager.


Term: Initial appointment – 5 years


January 2014 commencement (or by negotiation)


All members of leadership within the School have the responsibility to:


  • Reflect and nurture the Vision of the school in the course of their work.
  • Be committed to Christian leadership through vision, service and action.
  • Lead by example to staff, students and parents through the fostering of quality relationships and community development.
  • Maintain confidentiality and support for the school leadership.
  • Be involved in the direct promotion of the school.


Position Purpose


The Deputy Principal will provide ultimate support for all aspects of the Principal’s role. It is the role of the Deputy Principal to provide effective leadership in all aspects of the School and to be a support to the Principal. It is the role of the Deputy Principal to provide effective daily management through key liaisons and senior staff both in the Primary and Secondary Schools.


All employees of St Margaret’s School are required to:


  • maintain a degree of flexibility in working hours from time to time as required for the position
  • accept that the School reserves the right to modify the position to meet its operating needs
  • assist and relieve in other positions from time to time.
  • demonstrate support for the School’s philosophy, policies and procedures, core values and commitment to the Anglican ethos
  • undertake other reasonable and relevant duties within skills, knowledge and capabilities and as directed by the Principal or their representative.




The key responsibilities of the Deputy Principal include:


  • Overall staffing and timetable matters for the P-12 school
  • Recruiting and selection of all staff in the school.
  • Matters pertaining to professional learning of staff (including approval of PL applications, PL journal and new staff induction program).
  • Oversight of all matters pertaining to Teaching and Learning (P-12). This will include establishingand implementing appropriate curriculum policies relating to the development and delivery of the academic program.
  • Oversight of preparation of staff and parent handbooks
  • Maintain an up to date register of staff role descriptions
  • Oversee the writing and review of all school policies
  • Chair working groups and committees, as required
  • Membership of SCC and Business Leadership Team
  • Oversee Risk Management within the school
  • Chair Risk Management Committee and provide monthly reports to the Principal on issues arising from this and progress of the committee
  • Organise the School Speech Night
  • Monitor grant applications and prepare various grant applications as requested by the Principal
  • Monitor and regulate the communication from the school to parents and enrolled/prospective parents.St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School - 3 - Sept 2013
  • Preparation of policies and / or reports to ensure compliance to relevant Federal and State legislation, including WGEA
  • Oversee the work of the Head of Sport, Head of Rowing and Head of Co-Curricular Music and provide general oversight over the co-curricular program of the school.
  • At the request of the Principal, attend School Council meetings and/or Sub-Committee meetings
  • Budget preparation as required
  • Model excellence in teaching and learning
  • Deputise for the Principal as required
  • Any other duties as requested by the Principal


Tasks also shared with the Principal and other members of the Senior Leadership Team


  • Staff Annual reviews including follow up classroom visits
  • New student interviews
  • Staff management issues
  • Student management issues
  • Regular and frequent attendance at school events and functions as required
  • Student report comments
  • School marketing
  • Leadership Interviews
  • Student ConversationsSt Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School - 4 - Sept 2013




Skills, Abilities and Personal Attributes:


  • Proven interpersonal qualities and skills necessary for close co-operation with the School Council, members of staff, parents, students and other initiative members of the school community
  • Proven ability to operate as a Senior Executive fully supportive of the Principal
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively and energetically within a dynamic organisation
  • Possess drive, self motivation, creative endeavour and a willingness to accept responsibility
  • Have a proven ability to actively participate in a working environment supporting quality human resource management practices including employment equity, anti discrimination, occupational health and safety and ethical behaviour
  • Knowledge of current trends in girls’ education (especially that of adolescent girls) and education generally. This may include Thinking skills, Brain research, learning styles etc
  • Extensive experience with curriculum design and delivery
  • Be proactive/show initiative and be able to react quickly and appropriately to emerging issues and requests from the Principal
  • Outstanding professional presentation and manner
  • Possess excellent written communication skills
  • Be committed to one’s own continued self improvement through professional learning Qualifications and Experience
  • Be a registered teacher in Queensland (or eligible for registration).
  • A masters degree in management and / or education (or currently studying at this level)
  • Senior Leadership experience within an educational environment
  • Previous experience in the successful delivery of curriculum related activities in a school
  • Knowledge of Queensland Studies Authority requirements


Additional requirements


  • Be a Communicant member of any Christian Church;
  • Commitment to the Anglican Ethos of the school; and to the philosophy of the Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent;St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School - 5 - Sept 2013
  • Willingness to take a significant lead in the school’s liturgical life and to set a public example of the School’s Mission.
  • Willingness to teach up to 6 (6x 45mins) lessons as required


How to Apply:


Please Quote “TES Australia” when responding to this ad


P: +61 7 3862 0777


F: +61 7 3862 0701

11 Petrie Street, 
Ascot Qld 4007




Closing Date: 14th October 2013


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