Developing Motor Skills


Help your students improve their gross, fine and oral motor skills with this useful selection of ideas and activities.

Fine motor skills

  • Good booklet that contains a number of activity suggestions to use with pupils who need help developing their motor skills. The Downs Syndrome Association

Clever hands

  • Resource sheets of fine motor activities that build on each other to help show progression. Anne-frances Royle

Fine motor and handwriting development

  • Lots of great ideas for activities, some with suggestions for including rhymes and common songs. trogfoot

Fine motor skills - Finger gym

  • A selection of lovely ideas: everything from using tweezers to playing wheelbarrow games in pairs, and lots in between! bevevans22

Fizzy gross motor skills

  • Another set of printable guidance sheets that include activities that build on each other and show progression, this time for gross motor skills. Anne-frances Royle

Scissor skills

  • Simple cutting skills with green and red prompts to show pupils where to begin and end. bevevans22

Sensory play ideas

  • Lots of ideas for messy sensory play ideas, especially suitable for preschoolers. Many useful ideas for developing awareness and motor skills. ibuzzybea

Mr tongue

  • Simple, useful and fabulous PowerPoint for developing oral awareness. amy95

Basic pencil skills

  • A small printable A4 booklet for tracking and basic pencil skills. Could be laminated and used with a dry wipe marker. bevevans22

Activities with fine motor manipulatives

  • Comprehensive list of suggestions and activities, split into specific areas like ‘Crossing the Midline’, ‘Sensory Ideas’, etc. nicholasostheimer

Cutting - Basic shapes

  • Useful scissor skills sheet, focused on cutting out 2D shapes. lbrowne

Oral motor skills picture book

  • Lots of simple ideas for developing oral skills, based on simple tasks written in rhyming sentences. ibuzzybea

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