Dinosaurs Teaching Resources

The Mesozoic period may have ended 65 million years ago, but the giant creatures that stomped across the land, swam in the sea and swarmed through the skies still fascinate us today. Whether you are looking for dinosaur-themed counting fun, fossil foraging ideas or a serious scientific debate try these hand-picked resources in class.

Primary resources

Scales of history

  • From the Triassic to Cretaceous, this pictorial timeline explains the changing face of Earth’s environment during the reign of the dinosaurs.

Stomp, stomp, stomp

  • Practise adding and taking away with these animated dinosaurs.

Young palaeontologist

  • Discover dinosaur bones and measure fossils with this dinosaur topic resource compendium.

Singing Stegosaurus

  • 1 in a series of Mesozoic musicals to teach about the prehistoric giants- from the famous to the rare- through music and movement.

In the land before time

  • Card and board game taking pupils on a dinosaur adventure.

Plesiosaurus plans

  • Extensive year 2 literacy scheme of work on a dinosaur theme.

Dinosaur photo album

  • Stimulate discussion with these wonderful images from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

DSI (Dinosaur scene investigation)

  • Pupils can play outdoors while hunting for dinosaur clues in this fun activity from Learning through Landscapes.

Colourful collection of dinosaurs

  • Introduce the age of the dinosaurs through these cartoon images and simple statements designed for younger learners or those with SEN.

Time travelling

  • Take pupils on a prehistoric adventure, they can choose a back pack, list the things they need, close their eyes and imagine their journey. A great stimulus for creative writing.

Dinosaur crossword

  • Use this great puzzle activity from TES partner Encyclopaedia Britannica to explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur word search

  • See how many dinosaur names your pupils can find with this word search activity from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Dinosaur quiz

  • What do your pupils know about dinosaurs? Test their knowledge with this.

Secondary resources

End of the dinosaurs

  • A simple, pictorial journey through the theories of extinction to encourage students to become scientific enquirers.

Darwin and the dinosaurs

  • Explore extinction and evolution with this clear and colourful PowerPoint.

Disaster story

  • Students can become prehistoric reporters with this lesson asking them to write an article on the end of (dino) days.

Walking with dinosaurs

  • A brief introduction to CAD design on the popular television series from BBC Class Clips.

A Darwinian biography

  • Piece together Darwin’s life and works with this jigsaw activity from collaborative learning.

Extinction revision

  • Fantastic flash animations handy for revision time. Explore each of the key theories about why the dinosaurs died out.

Extinction enquiry

  • Students can become scientific investigators by exploring these extinction theory posters; alternatively display them in the classroom to inspire.


  • From the death of the dinosaurs to Halley’s Comet, discover the threats outer space’s unknowns pose our planet.