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The College is seeking to appoint a Director of Football to lead our extensive football program across WyvernPreparatory School (Year 3 to Year 6) and the Secondary campus (Years 7-12) at Stanmore. Football is played in Term 2 and Term 3 as part of the winter season and has been an official A.A.G.P.S Competition since 1988.


The College has wonderful facilities with 3 onsite and 3 offsite (15mins from Stanmore) football grounds. There are 150 Wyvern boys and 450 Secondary boys playing football across 44 teams. Our secondary school players participate in the highly competitive A.A.G.P.S competition. In 2013, we placed third in the 1st  XI competition and first in the 2nd XI competition. Our prep school boys play in the ISHPA competition.


The College is willing to consider all options for this role. Possible options could be:


a) Full-time - Director of Football (0.5) and Teacher (0.5) – the ratios may vary between seasons
b) Full-time - Director of Football (0.5) and another non-teaching role (0.5) - the ratios may vary between seasons
c) Part-time - Director of Football
d) Other


Our first preference is for option (a) although other options will be reviewed if they fully address coverage of our expectations for the role. Commencement date is Term 1, 2014 (late January).


If a teacher, the successful applicant will also be required to be a Mentor as part of Newington’s pastoral program.


Years 8-12 are organised in Mentor Groups, of about 12-14 boys, that meet for 20 minutes each day. This period includes House Chapel Services, School Assemblies, House meetings, Year meetings, and three sessions per week spent directly with the Mentor. The Mentor assists each boy with organisation and planning, through close monitoring of his school diary. They provide counsel to boys with work or behavioural issue and build positive relationships with parents.


For more information visit:


School Details:


Newington College
200 Stanmore Road


Close Date: 20/11/2013


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