Director of Individual Learning

Director of Individual Learning

Ruyton Girls’ School


Ruyton Girls’ School is a leading independent school with classes from Kindergarten to Year 12. It has a long tradition of academic success and co-curricular achievement. Ruyton continues to develop innovative programmes to expand the learning experience for girls and is committed to utilising technology in the learning environment. Applicants with appropriate qualifications and experience are invited to apply for this full-time role as the Director of Individual Learning, commencing Term 1 2014.


The Director of Individual Learning is responsible to the Director of Learning and works closely with the Heads of Schools and liaises with Director of Early Learning, Year Level Coordinators and Classroom Teachers with regard to student needs.


The Director of Individual Learning’s role is to co-ordinate and lead the Individual Learning Team in facilitating Learning Support /Gifted and Talented/English Second Language (ESL) education across the School (Junior School and Senior School). In this role the Director of Individual Learning will act as an advocate for student learning; enhance the learning opportunities of students, work collaboratively with teachers to differentiate learning for students across all subjects; and recognise possible learning differences and enhance communication between students, parents, teachers and pastoral staff.


The Director of Individual Learning has a partial teaching load. The responsibilities of the Director of Individual Learning include (but are not limited to):



  • coordinating the identification of students eligible for learning support
  • overseeing students requiring special or modified programmes and keeping accurate records relating to their progress and individual programmes
  • sourcing and developing appropriate materials for differentiated curriculum and individual learning plans
  • assisting teachers with differentiating the curriculum, individual learning plans, modifying instructions and assessment tasks
  • overseeing the development and maintenance of appropriate organizational skills and literacy and numeracy programs through Junior School support and Senior School tutorial
  • managing external consultants and referrals to consultants eg Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists
  • maintaining English/ Year Level/ Tutorial intranet sites for students
  • preparing guidelines for staff in catering for students with particular needs
  • distributing Tutorial Bulletins to teaching staff at the end of each month



  • overseeing Gifted and Talented/Enrichment student referral, testing and maintenance of accurate data and records
  • developing and monitoring suitable directions for the support of Gifted and Talented students across the School
  • overseeing the management of communication to staff of handover information around student needs
  • providing staff across the School with effective strategies to cater for Gifted and Talented students, with particular emphasis on the provision of differentiation of the curriculum
  • overseeing student participation in external enrichment programmes
  • Managing specialist professionals and eternal consultants required to meet student needs



  • Overseeing the intake assessment process for ESL students and identification of students eligible for ESL support
  • Promoting flexible and supportive teaching practices for ESL students across the School



  • Overseeing the intake assessment process and identifying students for learning support and gifted programs
  • assessing referred students and developing strategies to suit their needs
  • organising appropriate external referrals as required
  • receiving, summarizing and distributing records of all individual Language, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Audiology, Vision assessment reports of Senior School students
  • forwarding to the School Counsellor for summarizing, and distributing as relevant, individual Cognitive assessment reports for Senior School students
  • receiving original and summarized consultant assessment reports of Junior School students
  • monitoring and analysing NAPLAN, placement & progress testing and other standardised testing results to identify individual student’s needs for support and/ or extension and advising the appropriate staff/ departments



  • identifying students for whom a Programme Support Group is appropriate
  • setting up Programme Support Groups
  • co-ordinating Programme Support Groups meetings, documentation and review processes



  • presenting research findings/ learning strategies to staff for the support and development of student learning
  • providing advice on relevant professional learning activities for staff
  • maintaining Staff Resources. Learning Strategies for staff on SEQTA



  • generating meaningful reports/ letters to parents and other professionals
  • preparing a written report to the Principal regarding the work of the Department and student learning each semester
  • preparing the Speech Night and Ruytonian (School Year book) reports and other articles as Requested



  • managing department budget and resources
  • applying for special grants for students with disabilities/ impairment
  • overseeing special exam arrangements for students in Years 9-11
  • assisting the VCE Manager with applications for VCE Special Examination Arrangements (Learning Disability)
  • supporting the VEC initiatives for working with parents
  • assisting Year Level Co-ordinators to allocate students to class/ Form groups


In meeting his/her professional obligations, a Ruyton teacher:


  • demonstrates a current and comprehensive knowledge in one’s subject area(s)
  • shows a flexible approach to classroom methodology; use a variety of strategies to deliver the curriculum
  • adapts content to cater for individual differences, to extend and enhance students’ understanding of the curriculum
  • undertakes professional learning
  • provides constructive feedback to the students
  • considers and responds to the special needs of students where necessary
  • provides a caring learning environment
  • incorporates information and communication technology meaningfully into the curriculum
  • explores content in stimulating and inspiring ways
  • plans lessons effectively
  • models effective organisational skills
  • pre-tests to determine students’ prior knowledge
  • establishes clear and challenging expectations for students
  • uses effective classroom management strategies



  • contributes to the collegiality of Ruyton
  • supports the programmes in place and participate in the wider, co-curricular life of the school
  • attends required meetings and school fixtures
  • uses assessment procedures in line with the School’s policy on Assessment and Reporting
  • employs a wide range of teaching and assessment strategies
  • engages in self-evaluation of professional performance
  • monitors student progress and record this accurately and comprehensively
  • reports meaningfully on student performance



  • maintains positive and respectful relationships with students and establishes an environment conducive to learning
  • is mindful and informed in relation to the students’ welfare
  • works collaboratively with colleagues
  • communicates effectively with colleagues, parents and students
  • is an exemplar to students in terms of conduct, fairness and personal integrity
  • contributes to a range of school activities and working groups



  • completes required supervisory duties
  • ensures administrative tasks are accurate and up to date
  • fulfills the teacher’s duty of care and other pastoral responsibilities with discretion and confidentiality.



  • tertiary qualifications in teaching
  • registration with Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to work with colleagues and students at all levels
  • highly developed organisational and planning skills


How to apply; 


Applications, including the names of two referees, to be emailed to

No hard copies please.

Enquiries should be directed to Ms Linda Douglas, Principal


School Details
Ruyton Girls’ School 
12 Selbourne Road
KEW, VIC (Australia)

Phone: 03 9819 2422


Close Date: 9am Monday 26 August, 2013



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