Early Learning Centre Teacher- Sale

Early Learning Centre Teacher

Grammar Gippsland, Sale  


Position: ELC Teacher / Lead Educator - St Anne’s and Bairnsdale Campuses
Appointed by: The Principal
Heads of Junior School – St Anne’s and Bairnsdale Campuses
Responsible to: The Principal
Location: Gippsland Grammar (Sale & Bairnsdale)
Time Fraction: Variable



  • Pre-Prep Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood) or Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).
  • Reception Diploma of Children’s Services (or equivalent).
  • A Working with Children Check or registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching is required, as is a current Supervisor’s Certificate and assessment as fit and proper (National Education and Care Regulations 2011).


The successful applicant must be:

  • prepared to assume role of responsible person as directed by Nominated Supervisor (Director) or Approved Provider (Principal/Heads of Junior School)
  • able to work harmoniously and collaboratively as a team member, reporting regularly to the Director or Approved Provider (Principal/Heads of Junior School)
  • fully conversant with all aspects of National Education and Care Act (2011), National Quality Assessment and Centre and school policies.



  • Support the ethos and values of Gippsland Grammar in a professional manner.
  • Plan and implement a high quality educational program that reflects best pedagogical practice, Centre philosophy and School ethos.
  • Create term and weekly plans, weekly reflections and student portfolios in a timely fashion.  Revised August 2013 – LAB (Page 1)
  • Ensure that these documents are of a high standard and reflect current practice in the Centre as designated by the Educational Leader (Director).
  • An approved Early Years Learning Framework is to be used as the basis of all planning and documentation. A clear cycle of planning which links observations, reflection, evaluation and children’s interests must be evident.
  • Maintain regular documentation/observations that reflect individual and group abilities and interests.
  • Develop a process for maintaining this documentation in conjunction with Co-educator, other ELC staff and Educational Leader.
  • Ensure this documentation is available to families upon request.
  • Conduct parent/teacher interviews, meetings, orientation days or other as directed by Director or Approved Provider (Principal/Heads of Junior School).
  • Be available for regular after school and ELC staff meetings, school events or professional development as required.
  • Negotiate use of non-contact time with Director/Approved Provider.
  • Maintain a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment in playroom and playground that reflects the philosophy of this service or as designated by the Educational Leader.
  • Work collaboratively with other educators, sharing cleaning and routine maintenance tasks. In the case of shared rooms the Educator leaving the room at the end of day must ensure a timely and clean pack up that allows incoming Teacher time to set up for next session.
  • Maintain enrolment records and all other records (e.g medical action plans) as required by the National Education and Care Regulations (2011) or by Centre/School policy.
  • Ensure that such records are stored in an accessible location.
  • Inform the Director immediately of any accident or incident that requires medical intervention.
  • Inform the Director of any purchasing requests or maintenance issues.
  • Support the Director as requested with any administrative tasks or enrolment issues that the Director may not be present to deal with.
  • Develop warm, respectful and inclusive relationships with children and families in the service.
  • Promote the School in a positive way to families, understanding the importance of marketing our service and supporting the Director as required in this role.
  • Work collaboratively with Co-educators in an inclusive way.
  • Direct the day to day running of the program including scheduling work duties for Co-educators including them in documentation process.
  • Contribute effectively to development of Centre documents including policies, quality improvement plan and quality assessment process.
  • Pre-Prep teachers must work effectively with Early Years staff to ensure harmonious and smooth transitions to Prep. A transition to school report is also required yearly.


School Details

Gippsland Grammar
PO Box 465
Sale 3853
Victoria, Australia


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