Easter teaching resources

Easter resources collection

Easter marks one of the biggest events in the Christian calendar, from Jesus’ crucifixion to his resurrection and ascension into Heaven. As well as being a time of spiritual reflection and celebration, Easter is also the season of egg hunts, Springtime, new life and hope. To help you bring Easter into your classroom, we’ve hand-picked some of the best resources on TES to make your planning easier. You’ll find plenty of card-making, storytelling and egg finding activities to keep your pupils engaged in the run up to Easter. 


Easter - foundation activities

  • Easter counting game - match the number of bunnies with the number on the Easter egg and Easter scissor skills.

Easter egg collecting board game

  • Children work around the board collecting eggs for their baskets.

Easter egg numberlines 0-10

  • 0-10 numberlines with corresponding amounts of Easter Eggs.

The Easter Story

  • Use this simply-told and illustrated story to explain the Easter story to younger pupils.

Key stage 1

Easter Traditions Lotto

  • Learn about symbols, events and traditions of Easter while playing a matching game.

Easter recipe - chocolate nests

  • This Easter recipe gives step-by-step instructions for making chocolate cornflake nests and includes photographs.

Egg decorating symmetry

  • Create a symmetrically decorated egg by dragging patterns onto areas of the egg template.

Easter-themed paper

  • Themed, decorated paper that can be used as part of Easter themed activities within the classroom. Covers both religious and fun themes.

Easter: how and why is it celebrated?

  • Lesson plan, activities and PowerPoint presentation on how Easter is celebrated and the symbolism behind the traditions.

Key stage 2

Easter quiz

  • Use this fun Easter quiz from the Encyclopaedia Britannica to celebrate Easter in your classroom.

Greek Orthodox Easter

  • A video charting the preparations for Easter Sunday in a Greek Orthodox household.

Easter in France/ Easter in Spain

  • What is Easter? An ‘information exchange’ followed by a quiz.

Easter story chatterbox

  • A fun activity to help learn some of the events and people in the Easter Story.

Jesus’ resurrection detective game

  • A detective game where children examine the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection.

The Last Supper

  • A drama-based lesson that can be adapted for an assembly or any other.

Key stage 3 & 4

Ostern in Deutschland

  • Reading skills practice, Easter vocabulary, a Knüppelkuchen recipe and help to create an Easter card in German.

Joyeuses pâques!

  • An Easter PowerPoint to go with Linguascope vocabulary.

Jesus suffering in Gethsemane

  • Worksheet using Ugolino di Nerio’s painting as a prompt for discussion about the nature of Jesus’ suffering.

Russian Easter

  • A presentation on how Easter is celebrated in Russia.

La semana santa en España

  • General information and embedded videos about Easter in Spain, as well as a vocabulary sheet.

Easter egg mass production

  • A tour of the Cadbury factory as the process of mass Easter egg production is explained.