End of term fun

End of term fun

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End of term fun for all!

Enjoy the end of term with our great collection of activities, quizzes, games and fun for all. We’ve handpicked some of the best resources shared by teachers and organised them into helpful categories for all.

Whole School

Interactive connect 4

  • A fun revision activity using an interactive quiz template

Sweet wrapper quiz

  • Can pupils name all the sweets in this interactive quiz?

Interactive battleships

  • Revision activity suitable for various subjects

Blockbusters game

  • Easy to use template for class blockbusters!

General knowledge quizzes

  • Adaptable whole school-friendly powerpoint quizzes

Games to play in class

  • Suitable for all subjects, this collection of games is perfect for winding down at the end of term

Early years

Infant school leaver’s assembly

  • An editable script for use in assembly

3D shape input

  • Smartboard resource to revise shapes before end of term

Treasure hunt

  • A fun interactive game - follow the instructions and find the treasure!

Splat the teacher

  • A whole class activity - answer questions to splat the teacher

Maths activities

  • Comprehensive booklet of ideas for planning

Parachute fun & games

  • A colourful of ideas for songs to use when playing with the parachute. Ideal for early years and children with SEN.

Summer display pack

  • A colourful pack of summer images with accompanying words & phrases


Create your own wordsearch

  • A fun interactive game for use with your own list of words

Fix up the park

  • Get pupils thinking when they visit the park this summer

Lateral thinking activity

  • A fun interactive presentation to get pupils thinking!

Shopping to a budget

  • Interactive shopping activity - pupils match items to their budget

Fraction fun with Freddie

  • A fraction activity where pupils can be rewarded with chocolate!

Template for picture Blockbusters

  • An easily adaptable resource - great fun for the whole class!

Guess who game

  • Colourful cards to use in a fun game of ‘Guess who’

Treasure hunt quiz

  • Adaptable quiz to suit various subjects

The Healthiest Holiday

  • A fun healthy-eating game with a summer holiday theme!

Here comes summer

  • Give pupils the chance to write about what summer means to them

Fun projects in MS paint

  • Arty activities and projects in MS paint - perfect for the end of term

Quick fun with newspapers

  • Get pupils cutting and creating with this fun end of term activity!

Headband spelling game

  • A new take on an old favourite party game


Maths bingo collection

Maths puzzles

MFL games

Songs for language learning

End of Year Quiz 2011

  • Five rounds plus a bonus round

The big fat quiz of 2011

  • An end of term quiz about a variety of topics such as TV, film and music

Maths revision game

  • Perfect for revision and end of term fun

Language games for end of term

  • Fun taboo game with a language focus

Name that famous face

  • Can pupils guess who’s who in this fun quiz?

Big Fat Chinese quiz

  • Chinese culture, language and general knowledge

Dictionary quiz

  • Something a little bit different to wind down MFL classes!

Electromagnetic quiz

  • Recap electromagnetic lessons before end-of-term

Culture and language quiz

  • Powerpoint quiz combining language and culture questions

‘Pub Quiz’ template

  • Adaptable pub quiz-style template with answer sheet

TESiboard interactives

Control games

Cheese Sniffer

  • A game for two players or teams. The mouse that eats the most cheese wins!

Lily Hop

  • Pupils create their own mazes - ask them to challenge a partner to complete one they’ve devised. Don’t fall into the pond!

Fly Catcher

  • Pupils catch as many flies as they can in the time given, by moving the spider around using the arrows (including diagonals).

Mole Maze

  • Program in a sequence of instructions to move the mole around the maze. Great for thinking skills and visualising ahead!

Spider Web

  • Pupils give instructions to move the spider to catch all the flies!

Space Hunt

  • A space game to collect discarded fuel canisters and avoid the meteors. The canisters start to disappear as the time runs out…

Pollen Hunter

  • Move the bee around the field collecting pollen. Make sure the seagull doesn’t catch you!


  • Help the chameleon catch all the flies, by turning him in the right direction and judging the correct ‘lick’ distance.

Shape games

Pattern-Making with Shapes

  • Great for exploring the on-screen tools to change the shapes in a free play session.


  • Challenge pupils to make patterns with various shapes and colours.


  • Make tangram-type pictures using shapes - by resizing, rotating and colouring. Either solve the tangrams provided or ask pupils to invent their own.

Miscellaneous fun

Chicken Catapult

  • A TESiboard favourite! Catapult different-sized chickens into the tree. Too many weights will send them right off the screen before they parachute back down!

Word Search - Make Your Own

  • A Word Search template to configure with your own list of words for pupils to find.

Firework Display Designer

  • Celebrate end of term by designing and sequencing a fabulous firework display. Count down and watch your rockets explode across the sky!