End of term fun collection

As the school year draws to a close, make sure your lessons are fun and educational with this collection of brainteasers, games and quizzes ranging from explosive team battleships to deceptive lateral thinking exercises.

End of year quiz 2012

  • A giant 6 round quiz to end the year on a high, with questions on landmarks, big news stories, photography and keypad conundrums.

Lateral thinking activity

  • Bamboozle your class with this bumper collection of lateral thinking exercises for all ages.

Picture Blockbusters template

  • Bring out your inner Bob Holness as you fill in the questions and images and ask your students to find the correct answer.

Guess Who

  • A game to test the descriptive skills and celebrity knowledge of any child in this adaptation of the popular board game.

Treasure hunt general quiz

  • Go hunting for treasure, but beware! Loot can only be plundered by answering a question correctly.

Here comes Summer

  • With Summer upon us, ask your pupils what the sunny season means to them.

Name that famous face

  • Try this quiz jam-packed with celebrities and see if students can put a name to the famous faces.

Pub quiz

  • Fill the room with laughter with this sensory extravaganza in the form of a pub quiz.


  • With pieces of cheese up for grabs, which mouse will eat the most? Pupils go head to head in this direction-based TES iboard game.

Space hunt

  • Teamwork is key in this interactive game where pupils collect discarded fuel canisters while avoiding the meteors.

Pollen Hunter

  • Bring some buzz to the end of term with this pollen-collecting TES iboard game.


  • A TES iboard game using turns and distance to capture all the flies in as little moves as possible.

Sweet wrapper quiz

  • It’s time to see if students know their Bounties from their Dairy Milk with this sweet wrapper quiz.

Interactive Battleships

  • Bring the battle to the classroom as students try to sink their opposing team’s battleships (only after they answer their questions correctly of course).

MFL games

  • This compilation of language games will suit all tastes.

Games to play in class

  • A comprehensive pack brimming with games.


  • End the year with a real brainteaser by guessing the missing words to complete these common phrases.