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Competition closes end of day Sunday 24th July, 2011 – Winners announced Monday 1st August, 2011

Galleries - Oxfam Photographs

Teachers – enter now

Email your teaching idea in a word document to win@tes.co.uk

  1. Have a look at which category you want to submit your idea for
  2. Look at the galleries and decide which photos/stories to use
  3. Decide which learning objectives your idea meets
  4. Make your resource / teaching idea and try it out
  5. To enter include the following details in your Word document,
  • Name:
  • Contact email address:
  • TES username (if you have one):
  • Which gallery is your teaching idea about: All / Mali / Tajikistan / Uganda / Zimbabwe
  • Key stage & subject:
  • Learning objective:
  • Teaching idea:

Pupil competition – enter now

Email your pupil’s photographs to win@tes.co.uk and we will upload it to our schools’ gallery.

To enter include the following details in your email,

  • Teacher name:
  • Pupil first name:
  • Contact email address:
  • School name:
  • Photograph title and description:

Categories and prizes

Teacher competition - Each category wins the same prize for your class to share!

  • Handheld digital camera for your class
  • Sponsorship of an Oxfam Unwrapped ‘Fix a Well’ gift for a village in need of fresh water

Each teaching idea must be submitted with a subject relevant learning objective and a link to an overarching global citizenship objective from the follwing list. They would be:

  1. Promotes a respect for diversity and positive perceptions of others
  2. Promotes critical thinking about water related issues
  3. Promotes a commitment to social justice and equity

Primary categories

There are two prizes to be won at Primary and these are open to all subjects.

  • KS1 - Best teaching idea
  • KS2 - Best teaching idea

Secondary categories

There are 4 prizes to be won at Secondary and these are open to all subjects and key stages.

Pupil competition – Each category wins the same prize

Day out leisure vouchers worth £150 – best pupil photograph in category.

  • Primary KS1
  • Primary KS2
  • Secondary KS3

Terms and conditions

Oxfam terms & conditions: You may use these photographs and associated information for the purposes of the TES/Oxfam competition, and as part of the resource you create for educational purposes at your educational institution. With each use, you must credit the photographer named for that image and Oxfam. You may not use Images and associated information for commercial purposes or outside your educational institution. All information associated with these images relates to the date and time that project work took place.

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