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February 2012

Pancake Maths

Pancake Assemblies

  • Pancake Day Assembly
  • An assembly for Shrove Tuesday including a pancake making contest, the story of lent and pancake flipping courtesy of TrueTube.co.uk.
  • Assembly For Shrove Tuesday
  • A whole school assembly exploring the meaning of Lent and Pancake Day contributed by TES Resource Team.

Origins of Lent

  • Lent & Shrove Tuesday
  • A simple and informative PowerPoint that explains the origins of Lent and Pancake Day.
  • Lent – Into The Wilderness
  • A PowerPoint that marks the start of lent by going back to its origins, encouraging thoughts on our position in the world and other religions.

Pancake Games/Activities

  • Shrove Tuesday Activities
  • A selection of activities for children about Pancake Day including a close exercise, instruction ordering, pancake jigsaw and quiz.
  • Pancake Day Resources
  • A selection of activities including rhymes, role play signs and playdough mats.
  • Pancake Day
  • Pupils read Facts about Pancake Day and then use the writing frame to write down what they can remember.

Pancake Literature

  • The thick fat pancake
  • The tale of the Thick Fat Pancake can be useful for story ideas, oral skills and of course is perfect for Pancake Day.
  • The Big Pancake
  • An electronic version of the Big Pancake for Interactive Whiteboard for story time.

Pancake Videos

  • Pancake Day in Germany
  • A BBC Class Clips video showing German children making pancakes, suitable for German classes but comes with English commentary too.

Designing Pancakes

  • Design a pancake with info about Pancake Day
  • This artful activity encourages the design of a pancake, with a worksheet encouraging adjective use.
  • Pancakes!
  • A PowerPoint containing information about how pancakes are served around the world as well as a recipe, equipment and method for making a pancake.