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LEADING TEACHER – High Achiever and Specialism Program Leader



Reports to: Principal


Reports from: Accelerated Enrichment Program (ACE) Teachers, Science Specialism Coordinator, Sport Coordinator, Arts Coordinator, and Enrichment Activity Leaders


Works with: College Leadership Team, Teaching and Learning Team and Learning Area Leaders. Leading Teachers are whole school leaders with particular responsibilities in areas of school operation, planning and accountability. Leading Teachers are responsible for working with the Principal Class Team to establish a strong and shared culture of leadership and ongoing improvement across the school.



The LT – High Achiever Specialism Program Leader will work with the Principal and key teams to develop and deliver an outstanding high achievers program with a specific focus on high-level performance in Science, Performing Arts and Sport. The LT – High Achiever Specialism Program Leader will work closely with the other Leading Teacher positions in Student Learning, Literacy and Numeracy to collaboratively deliver highly effective professional learning as well as manage and improve curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reporting of student achievement across the college.


Key Responsibility Areas

  • Establish high standards of academic achievement of learners across the college and in particular higher ability students and ACE students.
  • Design and implement a challenging and personalized curriculum for higher ability learners from year 7 to year 12.
  • Promote and expand the three college program specialisms: Science, Sport and the Performing Arts.
  • Lead in the development of a performance and development culture across the college and contribute highlevel leadership across all areas of the college.
  • Communicate high expectations of achievement and success and promote this at all levels of the college and broader community.


Specific Responsibilities

1. Evaluate, plan and implement program enhancement in the college High Achievers program and across the specialism areas of Science, Sport and Performing Arts.

2. Lead the development of differentiated classroom curriculum to cater for the learning needs of gifted and higher ability students.

3. Work in collaboration with the Teaching and Learning and Learning Area Teams to develop high quality instruction in all classrooms.

4. Be a member of the College Leadership Team and all relevant teams and committees and provide high level support and advice on matters relating to development and implementation of Policy.

5. Initiate new practices and provide an innovative educational context for teaching and learning in the school including innovative use of eLearning and ICT.

6. Lead Professional Learning Teams in the development and review of performance and development plans and approaches for implementing data-informed differentiated classroom instruction.

7. Use highly effective models of professional learning, including demonstration teaching, coaching and mentoring to bring about improvements in pedagogy for high ability learners.

8. Benchmark progress against the School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan through continuously evaluating improvement and progress of the improvement strategies.

9. Communicate and disseminate information relating to improvement projects, including progress and achievements to staff and the school community.

10. Coordinate all assessments relating to entry into and progress through the high achievers program.

11. Provide expert advice and professional development regarding the particular learning needs of higher ability and gifted learners.

12. Manage resources in alignment with program objectives.

13. Other responsibilities as delegated by the Principal.



How to apply:


Please contact the Principal on 9743 3322 for further details or a tour of the school.

Mr David Reynolds



School Details

Melton Secondary College 
PO Box 597 
Melton,    3337

P 9743 3322


Applications close 09-09-13

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