Essential information: P scales

Great SEN based guidance and ideas to support planning and assessment across a number of subjects.

P scales 4-8 progression grid - word, sentence and text level literacy objectives

  • Well laid out assessment/progression grid broken into the component parts of the P scale.

P scales for APP type assessment

  • P scales, from P4 to level 1, put in an APP style of format. Useful for SEN children who are not yet at level 1 and therefore not assessed using APP.

Literacy writing P scales

  • Writing level descriptors in a word doc - from P1(i) through to 1A.

TAP website

  • A variety of resources to encourage speaking and listening across all curriculum areas and a different levels – including P levels.

Literacy SoW for special needs pupils

  • Literacy activities tracked back to provide ideas for pupils working at P levels.

P scales

  • Useful resource for all teachers who work with students on the P scales - broken down into subject specific p levels.

Maths P scales

  • Maths level descriptors in a word doc - from P1(i) through to 1C.

Working with P scales

  • An insightful look into the P scales system of measuring attainment and the benefits it has.

Revised P scales

  • Leicestershire’s interpretation of the QCA doc for pupils with learning difficulties. Covers ICT, Maths, Science and PSHE.

Class/pupil tracking file for science

  • For tracking a class of pupils from Foundation to the end of KS2. Includes science trackingand descriptors from P3 upwards.

Speaking and listening P scales

  • Speaking & Listening P scale descriptors in a word document showing levels P1(i) through to 1A.

About P scales

  • Practical guidance for teaching maths to pupils with very special needs.


  • Scheme of work based on P levels for use with students who have autism or need additional support.

P levels and the national numeracy strategy

  • Document which rearranges the P levels from the QCA document them into separate statements, making them much easier for teachers to scan and use. veryspecialmaths

Science P scales

  • Science P scale level descriptors in a word doc - from P1(i) to Level 1.

Maths SoW for special needs pupils

  • Maths activities from National Strategy, tracked back against P levels. A highly rated resource.

P level writing asesment

  • P level writing assessment sheets, created for use as quick tick sheets. Covers P4-P8. 

PSHE and citizenship P scales

  • PSHE and Citizenship P scale level descriptors in word doc from P(i) to P8. 

Collection created by Bev Evans