Euro 2012

National teams from 16 European countries will vie for the title of UEFA Euro 2012 champion on pitches across Poland and the Ukraine between 8 June and 1 July. From country profiles and languages to decorations, from football fun to the science behind the game, why not try these hand-picked resources and bring football fever to your classroom.

The games

Die Fußball-Europameisterschaft /l’Euro 2012

  • German and French workbooks to practice basic vocabulary with a Euro 2012 theme.

Flying the flags

  • Decorate your classroom and explore the cultures behind the Euro 2012 countries with these flags.


  • Footballer top trumps for some Spanish language fun.

Winning formulas

  • The scientific secrets every footballer needs to know.


  • Get students gossiping, speculating and predicting what might happen in the championships while practising German future tense.

The countries


  • There are a number of countries represented in the games, but do your students know where they are? Find out with this fun atlas hunting task.


  • Delve into Poland’s past and explore the history of this host country.

Bitesize Poland

  • Get pupils creating their own tourist brochure with these handy Poland profile cards.

Nightly news from Kiev

  • Turn your classroom into a TV news studio while teaching students about the Ukraine with this fast-paced, fun production activity.

The sport

I want to be a footballer

  • Are professional footballers inspirational or an embarrassment? Consider the evidence and build arguments with this resource about sporting role models.

Festival of football

  • Head up your own 2012 championships with these lessons on trust, respect and responsibility in sport.

Drilling the pitch

  • Get students football fit.

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