Expedition Based Outdoor Educator

Expedition Based Outdoor Educator

The Outdoor Education Group


Are you driven by a passion for learning through adventurous experiences in the outdoors; do you value opportunities to support others as they challenge themselves; do you believe in the power of community to build and create positive experiences for Self, Others and the Natural World.


Established in 1984 and celebrating 30 years of experience and expertise in delivering positive, life changing, outdoor learning opportunities to approx 20,000 young people a year across both Victoria and NSW, the Outdoor Education Group is now embarking on a new adventure…and we may be looking for you.


Traditional rites-of-passage in outdoor education have often been drawn from extended expeditions. At the Outdoor Education Group this is an approach that still sits at the heart of our work with young people. Expedition leaders require not only a high degree of first hand outdoor leadership experience in remote situations, but also a sound understanding of facilitation strategies that can develop and nurture a diverse community of individuals over a 7+ day period. With your wide range of group management skills you have developed a sound understanding of outdoor education, with the ability to teach camp craft and sustainability practices and the capacity to facilitate the daily activities required during a journey.


As an expedition based outdoor educator you will operate in remote areas of South East Australia, with rafting, canoeing, cycling, skiing and bushwalking being some of the main vehicles for learning. Whilst all programs have access to a 24hr support system, you are considered self-contained with the capacity to not only make sound leadership judgments based on your strong understanding of risk management procedures in remote situations, but communicate these plans effectively to maintain a clear picture of changing conditions. It is also important to note that there will be times when you have the opportunity to work on centre based and shorter journey based programs.


If you have the desire to continue to broaden your facilitation and leadership strategies on expedition style outdoor learning programs and bring positive experiences to young people across a variety of learning environments then please apply now.



How to apply


Please Quote “TES Australia” when responding to this ad


School Details

The Outdoor Education Group
Private Bag 1109
Eildon, VIC 3713

Phone: (03) 5774 2617
Fax: (03) 5774 2467


Close Date: 31st October 2013


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