Fairy Tales

Once upon a time… is how students’ stories will start once they’ve covered writing tips and practised story structure using these lesson plans, schemes of work and teaching resources on fairy tales. There’s plenty here to get those creative juices flowing.

Fairy tale writing unit

  • Introduce the history and conventions of fairy tales before explaining writing techniques, with this complete scheme of work with resources.

Shrek v. Enchanted

  • Treat students to a film screening at the end of term, while introducing them to Propp’s theories on characters, satire and story structure.

Fairy tale characters

  • Get students to create their own fantasy characters – will they pick a hero, villain or princess?

Twisted fairy tales – peer assessment

  • Save yourself time and pass marking over to the students with this handy peer assessment form.

Grimm vocabulary

  • Develop students’ vocabulary with this comprehension task, which asks students to define words and find their opposites or a synonym.

What happened?

  • Students take on the role of Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood in this lesson, which asks them to write a letter explaining their fairy tale experience.

Fairy tale images

  • A PowerPoint packed with images to encourage students to write descriptively.

Modern fairy tales for the movie screen

  • Turn your classroom into a movie set with this activity, where students adapt traditional tales for a modern cinema audience.

Fairy tale comic strip

  • Test students’ visual literacy skills with this comic strip template, where they can condense their favourite fairy tale.

Fairy tale word search

  • Mini word searches full of words from fantastical worlds – a great starter.

Alice, similes and metaphors

  • Practise the creative use of similes and metaphors by describing characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.


  • Encourage creativity with this animated version of Carroll’s perplexing poem.

Grandmother’s tale

  • Storyteller Vicky Parson retells the creepy original French story we know today as Little Red Riding Hood in this TaleTimesStories video.

Fairy tales with a twist

  • Encourage students to create modern interpretations of traditional tales with this post-16 lesson.