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St Michael’s Grammar School


St Michael’s Grammar School, St Kilda, VIC


St Michael’s Grammar School is one of the leading independent coeducational schools in Australia, and educates students from Kindergarten to Year 12. The School was established by the Anglican Community of the Sisters of the Church in 1895. The visionary principles and values of its founders remain central to the School’s progressive culture. St Michael’s believes in educating students to communicate and negotiate; think critically; live with dignity, care and compassion; and to respect others and the environment.


While the School draws and learns from the past, its focus is very much on the future. St Michael’s strive to challenge young minds and equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to be contributing citizens of the 21st century.The extensive academic, co-curricular and pastoral care programs empower students to chart their preferred educational paths, explore individual interests and enjoy rich learning experiences.


St Michael’s is known for its innovative teaching, learning and caring programs. In 2012, the School was awarded the EOWA Employer of Choice for Women citation, as well as the Lynda Gratton Business Leader of the Year Award for Head of the School Mr Simon Gipson. This year, Associate Head (Learning and Innovation)/Head of Junior School Mrs Annabelle Knight was the successful recipient of the SACS Leadership Award in the Not-for-Profit Non-Executive Category.


St Michael’s teachers are innovative practitioners who, under the St Michael’s: Learning framework, achieve positive learning outcomes with a proven ability to teach and be able to develop curriculum in their subject areas. Pastoral care at the School is the reciprocal involvement of all in developing a community that encourages the personal growth of each individual in their physical, academic, creative, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions.


In addition to teachers, professional (non-teaching) staff are encouraged to be involved in enhancing the opportunities offered to St Michael’s students. Many non-teaching staff attend Exodus (Outdoor Education camps) and Skills Extension Programs, or are invited by teachers to be guest speakers for students in their areas of expertise.


This active involvement in the School builds strong relationships between all staff and between staff and students, and this contributes to the success of the teaching and learning programs. Teachers operate in a multi-faceted role where duties include teaching and learning, pastoral care, co-curricular involvement, professional growth and development, and other duties relevant to the role.




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