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Magdalene Catholic High School


Magdalene Catholic High School, Narellan, NSW


Magdalene Catholic High School is a Diocesan Co-educational Catholic high school established in 1999 by the Diocese of Wollongong to serve the Parishes of the Western Macarthur region.


As a Catholic community our aim in partnership with families is to:


  • Assist in the development of the whole person: spirit, mind and body, character and imagination.
  • Educate students in their Catholic faith and to invite them to commit themselves to a life centred on Jesus and his values.
  • Develop each student’s ability to engage in clear thinking, discerning judgement and responsible decision making.
  • Cultivate the skills necessary for finding personal meaning and leading a productive life as a member of a community.
  • Develop a particular awareness in students of being called to be positive agents of change in society.
  • Promote a commitment to justice, peace and the development of self and others.


The world of today is both hectic and complex and is characterized by a rate of change not seen in previous eras. For young people to find purpose and meaning in their lives they not only need the knowledge and skills required to function effectively in society, they also need a set of values on which to draw when faced with future decisions. At Magdalene our belief is that our Catholic faith provides the source of one’s value system by providing the foundation upon which to draw when called upon to make difficult decisions throughout one’s life.


Our hope at Magdalene is that the young men and women who graduate from Magdalene Catholic High School will be of “strong minds and gentle hearts”.


Magdalene Catholic High School

Smeaton Grange Road

Narellan NSW 2567

Phone: 0246 31 3300

Facsimile: 0246 47 7022

Website: http://www.mchsdow.catholic.edu.au/?site=aus





 Magdalene Catholic High School