February assemblies

1 LBGT month

  • Explore actions that could be considered homophobic and encourage students to discuss different types of prejudice with this PowerPoint.

4 World Cancer Day

  • Help students understand the risk factors that can increase their chance of getting cancer with this foodafactoflife assembly.

5 Safer Internet Day

  • Share these top tips for staying safe online.

6 Be prepared

  • Would your students know what to do in an emergency? Help them be ready for anything.

7 Dickens’ birthday

  • From Nicholas Nickleby to Oliver Twist, explore the characters of Charles Dickens’ books and explore his life and legacy.

8 Spend or save

  • Promote the importance of being thrifty with this assembly on money matters.

11 Inventors have talent

  • Celebrate Thomas Edison’s birthday with this activity where students become judges of Britain’s Got Talent 1899. Fantastic prep for a show-and-tell assembly.

12 Darwin Day

  • Remember Charles Darwin’s life and discoveries with this TrueTube assembly.

13 Henry VIII, I am

  • Explore the life and wives of Henry VIII with this Tudor play script for pupils to perform.

14 Be my valentine

  • Explore the story of St Valentine and explain why we traditionally send cards and gifts on Valentine’s day (14 February).

15 Stargazing

  • Celebrate Galileo’s birthday by delving into the history of astronomy.

25 Fairtrade Fortnight

  • Explore some of the issues that affect farmers and producers across the world with Christian Aid’s assembly pack.

26 Respect

  • Share personal reflections on the people who deserve respect.

27 Is Big Brother watching you?

  • Get students debating whether they live in a free world or if their privacy is invaded by CCTV cameras, the internet and other technology in this True Tube assembly.

28 Farmer Sheep

  • This sweet little story reminds pupils of the importance of working together.

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