Film Studies

Give students a good grounding in filmmaking techniques and analysis skills with this range of lesson plans and teaching resources covering film marketing, posters, reviews, editing and more. You never know, you may have the next big Blockbuster director sitting in your classroom.

Film Education: Be Creative! Competition

  • Encourage your budding filmmakers to get creative with Film Education’s latest film marketing competition.

Film marketing


  • Explain how films are marketed to audiences with this introduction to film distribution.

Marketing success

  • What’s the best way to market a film? Students can discuss and analyse different techniques with this comparison grid.

Getting it out there

  • Students have to decide how they would market Enemy of the State in this lesson, which encourages them to think creatively.

Film posters

Designing film posters

  • Introduce students to the conventions of film posters with this quick and easy practical activity.

Genre and posters

  • How are genre conventions portrayed on film posters? Get students analysing with this introduction to deconstruction.

Film reviews

Writing a review

  • A step-by-step guide to writing a film review.

Film buffs

  • Your students will be showing off their expert knowledge of the movies with this extensive lesson on film posters and analysis.

What does the reviewer think?

  • Handy worksheet to help students analyse existing film reviews.


Introduction to genre

  • Thorough introduction to the concept of genre, with analysis practice too.

What is genre?

  • A colourful and creative lesson to help students get to grips with genre.

Why do we care about genre?

  • From producers to movie stars, genre is important to everyone in the industry. Show students why it matters with this PowerPoint.

Film analysis


  • Key vocab to help students talk about editing techniques.


  • Introduce students to film grammar with this presentation on continuity editing.


  • From costume to lighting, set design to make-up, the visual elements of films help audiences to understand what’s happening. Help students analyse them all with this introduction to mise-en-scene.

Camera shots

  • A card sort activity, worksheet and PowerPoint to help students understand the different camera shots used in films.

Camera shots 2

  • Once students show they can identify different camera shots, it’s time to move on and get them analysing what they represent.

Film language quiz

  • Quick quiz to test how much students remember about mise-en-scene, cinematography, sound and editing.

Film terminology

  • A glossary for students to complete and then use for revision.

Practical skills

Film trailer project

  • Lots of resources to help students produce their own thriller film trailer.

Production responsibilities

  • Who does what on the film set? How should shots be framed? This introduction to basic production techniques will help keen young filmmakers get started.

Camera techniques

  • From white balance to focus, this PowerPoint will help students get the best out of their camera’s manual functions.

Storyboarding trailers

  • Let creative juices flow, with this lesson on storyboarding.

Sound design

  • A detailed tutorial for using free sound editing software Audacity. Great for getting students to work independently.


  • User guide and images to introduce students to Photoshop.


  • A walk through the basic functions of Apple’s free editing software I-movie.


  • Adobe guide to editing with Premier.