GCSE Physics (P2.1.1): Resultant Forces teaching resources

This collection can be used as a scheme of work for the new AQA GCSE specifications. We have matched the most relevant resources from TES to the specification statements and you should find it very easy to design your own scheme of work around these resources. You will find some great resources, lesson ideas and revision activities on Resultant Forces for Year 11 learners studying the AQA P2 Unit.

This collection was put together by our Science Advisor, Alessio Bernadelli. You can follow him on Twitter @TESScience and/or contact via email Alessio@tes.co.uk

AQA Specification statements

a) Whenever two objects interact, the forces they exert on each other are equal and opposite.

Skitch the force

  • Get your learners to explore forces and their effects with this very hands on resource

b) A number of forces acting at a point may be replaced by a single force that has the same effect on the motion as the original forces all acting together. This single force is called the resultant force.

Resultant Forces card sort

  • A really useful revision activity to consolidate resultant forces.

Force diagrams

  • A useful worksheet to help learners understand resultant forces and force arrow.

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

  • Very useful video from the BBC Class Clips collection.

c) A resultant force acting on an object may cause a change in its state of rest or motion.

Forces and Motion

  • A really comprehensive resource on forces and their effect. Very easily adaptable for the needs of your learners!

Balanced Forces

  • Some really useful questions in this revision quiz on balanced and unbalanced forces.

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

  • Another useful BBC Class Clips video to introduce contact forces and equilibrium.

d) If the resultant force acting on a stationary object is:

  • zero, the object will remain stationary
  • not zero, the object will accelerate in the direction of the resultant force

1D Forces – Interactive Simulation

  • A great and very visual simulation of the effects of forces on stationary objects.

Physics P2 – Forces

  • Many of Forces and their effects are covered in this PPT. Very useful for end of unit revision.

Newton’s Laws

  • Some really useful points on Newton’s Laws suitable for higher tier learners, but easily editable.

e) If the resultant force acting on a moving object is:

  • zero, the object will continue to move at the same speed and in the same direction
  • not zero, the object will accelerate in the direction of the resultant force.

Galileo’s rolling ball

  • Galileo’s classic experiment that led to Newton’s first law of motion with some good teaching points in the notes.

Forces Unit

  • A really comprehensive resource on forces with many hands on activities to engage your learners.

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

  • A truly amazing presentation with some superb animations that make abstract concepts really easy to visualize and understand.



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