GCSE Physics (P2.1.2): Forces and Motion

This collection can be used for the new AQA GCSE specifications. We have matched the most relevant resources from TES to the specification statements and you should find it very easy to design your own scheme of work around these resources.

You will find some great resources, lesson ideas and revision activities on forces and motion for year 11 learners studying the AQA P2 unit.

This collection was put together by our science adviser, who you can follow on Twitter @TESScience and/or contact via email Alessio@tes.co.uk

Force Equals ma

  • A good visual display to show many important concepts together.

F = ma

  • Get your learners to progress to more complex questions in this differentiated set of F = ma questions.

Speed How Fast

  • A good place to start from to revise the average speed equation before diving into D-T graphs.

Speed and Acceleration

  • A worksheet to help learners visualise the difference between velocity and acceleration.

Acting the Graph

  • This worksheet will clearly show how speed and constant acceleration are represented in a D-T graph.

Graphs Tell Stories

  • The story of two 100m runners told through their D-T graphs.

Speed from D-T Graphs

  • Use this worksheet to find the speed of objects from D-T graphs. Suitable for calculating distance from a V-T graph too.

Velocity: A New Villain In Town

  • Watch this great video made in Xtranormal with your learners to demonstrate the difference between speed and velocity in a fun and memorable way.

Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

  • A very comprehensive set of resources, including worksheets with questions and answers.

Acceleration Calculation Questions

  • Some useful questions on acceleration.

V-T Graphs

  • A simple cut and paste activity that helps with consolidating V-T graphs.

Measuring the Speed of a Rocket

  • Use this activity inspired by IoP Netword Coordinator, Alli Davies, to get your learners to make their own motion sensors and analyse their results.

Motion Graphs Drag and Drop

  • A useful drag and drop activity on displacement time graphs.

Average Speed and Distance from Motion Graphs

  • Useful set of notes on how to find speed from the gradient of a D-T graph and distance as the area under a V-T graph.

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