GCSE Revision Notes Collection 2 - Number

GCSE Revision Notes Collection 2 - Number

Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of www.mrbartonmaths.com (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

A few years ago I wrote a set of notes for pupils, covering the major topics in maths, and put them on my website www.mrbartonmaths.com. The notes were supposed to be written in a pupil-friendly way, and different to notes students might find in textbooks or elsewhere on the internet. The notes have gone down quite well, so I have decided to put the original copies on TES so teachers can download them. This bundle covers Number, including fractions, decimals, percentages and rounding.

I have converted the notes to PowerPoint slides so you can adapt them if needed, use them in revision lessons, or perhaps give your students a set to take home with them to help them prepare for their final GCSE exam.

Something I have found to be quite useful is to remove key information from the notes and challenge students in lessons to come to the board and fill in the gaps. Alternatively, they could be used as a stimulus for a class to create their own set of notes on the topics they find difficult. Another thing I would love to do (if only I had the time and the photocopying budget) is to add some past exam questions and turn these into nice little booklets for the students to use and fill in. Please feel free to create these… so long as I can have a copy!

The chances are there will be a few mistakes in the notes here and there, so if you spot any please email me and I will correct them. Hope they are of use!

The Resources:

Notes - Number - 1. Types of Number

Notes - Number - 2. Prime Factors, HCF & LCM

Notes - Number - 3. Bodmas / Bidmas

Notes - Number - 4. Rounding and Approximations

Notes - Number - 5. Decimals

Notes - Number - 6. Fractions

Notes - Number - 7. Percentages

Notes - Number - 8. Negative Numbers

Notes - Number - 9. Sequences

Notes - Number - 10. Surds

Notes - Number - 11. Standard Form

Notes - Number - 12. Ratio

Notes - Number - 13. Proportion

Notes - Number - 14. Indices

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