Getting to grips with money

A collection of highly rated resources that support this important life skill: from developing simple coin recognition to beginning to manage money appropriately

Collection created by Bev Evans

Introduction to shopping

  • A powerpoint to introduce ‘shopping’ and the concept of exchanging money for goods. Currently uses Australian currency but can be edited. patricklong

Numicon shaped price tags

  • Selection of price tags to use in activities suppported by Numicon. Full guidance included. languageisheartosay

Money flashcards

  • A set of Widgit Symbol supported flash cards created to support the understanding of spending money. Widgit_Software

Teaching money to students with learning difficulties

  • A blog entry listing resources available on the internet to help teach managing money to students with learning difficulties. Mainly entry level. judy valentine

Money in pennies

  • A short PowerPoint presentation which shows pupils how many pennies are in coins from 2p to £1. bevevans22

Woking with pennies

  • Workbook that can be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint previously listed. Activities are all based up to 10p. bevevans22

Functional maths - everyday maths

  • A selection of 12 Functional Maths worksheets from Axis Education’s real-life maths series Everyday maths. Not all activities link to money but useful none the less. axis-education

Number bonds to 5p and 10p

  • Money activity linked to a Meg and Mog Story. Abridged story is included with Widgit Symbol support to give background. languageisheartosay

Number work: counting on from 10p, 20p and 50p

  • Follow on activity to the resource listed above. Includes guidance and additional story with Widgit Symbols support. languageisheartosay

Paying with coins

  • Lovely, clear interactive activity. Contains two level: up to 5p or up to 10p. Lots of opportunities to discuss different ways of making the totals shown.TESiboard

Coin dominoes

  • Simple printable dominoes with coin pictures. SEN Teacher

Money symbols

  • Vocabulary mats with a money theme. Uses photos rather than symbols. lbrowne

Money competence - spending sense

  • A selection of useful life skills resources containing a number of different activities.NGfLCymru

Loose change GBP

  • A game to help with learning about money. This is a portable Windows application and no installation is required. ADDers-org

Coin recognition worksheet

  • Simple worksheet activity for identifying coins. SEN Teacher

Great website for maths

  • A list of useful websites that support the teaching of maths, including some with money based activities bevevans22

Coin exchange

  • A series of simple games designed to help children to understand the value of various coins. jodyo

Pocket money equal shares

  • Lovely interactive activity to use on the IWB. Coins must be share out equally. Large coins can be exchanged to help with the sharing process. TESiboard

Money snap and pairs

  • Lovely activity which includes a lesson plan and all the printable resources needed. The weblink has further information and activities linked to the teaching of money. Personal Finance Education Group