Government & election teaching resources

Elections, voting, parliament and politics resources.

On Thursday 5th May 2011, Britain will decide whether to change its electoral system in the AV Referendum. TES Resources have gathered materials shared by teachers to save time when approaching topics including, voting, referendums, elections and government.


Electoral systems - revision

  • In-depth templates of a broader topic to help students condense their notes

AS Politics - Elections module - Revision activities

  • Collection of revision activities based around the Elections/electoral systems module of the AS British Government and Politics course.

Compare the vote activity

  • Comparing the main features of major voting systems that are used in elected bodies around the UK. These including; first past the post, the alternative vote, the party list system, single transferable vote and the additional member system.

The alternative vote subject guide

  • A guide to resources and weblinks from Parliament and other organisations about the alternative vote and the referendum.


  • Explaining referendums in a clear and accessible way with links to relevant reources and classroom activities.

Lesson on the Alternative Vote

  • Cross-curricular lesson on the Alternative Vote.

Voting: What is the point of voting today?

  • Why did women and some men have to struggle for the vote in Britain?

Voting: The point of voting today 2

  • The electoral system in Britain today, issues relating to minority groups within a representative democracy and present-day arguments relating to different forms of campaigning, the responsibility of voting and electoral reform.

Voting: Power and exclusion

  • Children should learn about the consequences of being denied the right to vote and other political rights and that all political systems are underpinned by beliefs about power and people.

Learning about politics

  • Worksheet and game covering the main political parties and voting systems

Vote for Me

  • Create campaign posters for a school or general election using this handy online template

Elections and voting debate and questionnaire

  • A questionnaire to stimulate discussion and encourage group participation

Politics and elections

Holding a mock election

  • Should schools hold mock elections and tips on how to hold a poll

Having a party!

  • Raise awareness about party politics and the election process

Propaganda & general elections

  • A history lesson incorporating topical themes for an election year

Election revision activities

  • Activities for post 16 politics including debating points and background information

What does the government spend?

  • A lesson on how the government spends money & the priorities which are taken into account

The 1979 General Election

  • Facts and information which can provide a useful basis for comparison with this year’s election

Governing Britain

  • Provides useful context for election through explanations about how Britain is ruled

Debating matters - MP’s expenses

  • Debating topic covering the recent controversy of MP’s expenses

General election maths

  • An activity on how votes are translated into seats at a General Election

Virtual tours of Parliament

  • What does the inside of Parliament look like? Virtual tours and background for useful context

Useful websites for Citizenship education

  • A range of websites covering topics like trade, peace, conflict, law and many others

Elections news

  • Lesson plan template for writing the latest election news for the front page of a newspaper

UK Politics and General Elections

  • Free interactive activities and games on British government, politics and UK elections

Election Bingo

  • Play for a line of three, a line of four, and a full house as the election results come in