Hair and beauty teaching resources

Hair and beauty teaching resources

Hair, beauty and nutrition teaching resources suitable for BTEC, NVQ and other vocational hair and beauty courses. From instructional PowerPoints to spelling lists, research skills to business advice, there’s plenty to help prepare students for the world of work.



  • Help students understand research skills with this handy, generic guide from OCR.


  • An introduction to communication skills vital to hair & beauty training.

Key skills

  • Functional skills for the salon are explored in these four video lesson starters.

Spelling for stylists

  • This is a handy spelling list for hair and beauty students.

Hair and make-up

Introduction to colouring hair

  • Explain bleaching, tinting and timings with this clear and visual presentation.

Setting and styling hair

  • Inspire your students with a host of ideas about setting hair styles.

How to shampoo

  • The science and style of shampooing hair.

NVQ Hairdressing resource centre

  • Online support for NVQ hairdressing trainees.

Client care and communication

  • Legislation and appearances are central to this client-focused lesson.

Entry level 3 Certificate in salon work

  • Complete unit-by-unit workbook for students to complete this introductory course.

Fashion studio

  • Cross-curricular project for photography and hairdressing students.

Beauty and sports treatments

Inspirational stories

  • Follow the journey of one successful 19-year-old beauty therapist.

Sports therapy

  • A detailed guide to treating sports injuries and healing athletes.

Nutrition and fitness

Healthy ways

  • Introduce food pyramids and bust healthy eating myths with this detailed introduction to nutrition.

Smart food

  • Foodafactoflife’s guide to making foods work for you to get the best nutritional value.

Fitness plan

  • Help students understand how to design a suitable fitness plan with these unit schemes of work.

Business skills

Business plan

  • A simple, easy business plan template introducing the world of business.

Steps to success

  • Students with big ambitions can learn how to start their own business with these detailed guides to start-up success.

Budget time

  • Students may be creative stylists, but budgeting is crucial to any business – this resource will help them learn the basics.

Career planning

  • Get students thinking ahead to the world of work with Bright_Knowledge’s guide to working in industry.

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