Halloween Collection

Don’t be caught by surprise this Halloween. Download our free creepy collection of resources featuring a spooky theme to liven up your lessons.

Halloween Creepy Collection - Primary

Creepy Witches Fingers recipe

  • Recipe, interactive puzzles, pop up cards and other ideas for Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Story with symbol-supported Widgit

  • Halloween story featuring planning ahead to grow a pumpkin for a Halloween party plus activities.

Label my body and skeleton

  • Labelling activity with a twist - TESiboard interactive game.

Create your own interactive word search

  • Word Search template to configure with your own list of words.

Insects, Amphibians, Reptiles - Interactive book

  • Simple information book with interactive labels, based around a popular non-fiction subject.

Insects, Amphibians, Reptiles - Labels and captions

  • Activity for making a label or a caption for a non-fiction display or class book.

Insects, Amphibians, Reptiles - Glossary

  • Glossary for use in conjunction with a range of other TESiboard activities based around insects, amphibians and reptiles.

Frog High Jump

  • Set the high jump bars to various increasing heights, then analyse the results afterwards.

Halloween Quiz

  • Revision aid for key vocabulary about Halloween.

10 Naughty Witches

  • Subtraction activity where witches fly away and numbers appear.

Halloween map for Interactive Whiteboard

  • Versatile IWB notebook file with a map of a spooky town.

How to make a pumpkin lantern

  • Powerpoint showing the steps needed to make a Pumpkin Lantern.

Halloween Crossword

  • Simple worksheet with a crossword of Halloween terms - answers provided.

Hallowe’en Maths Quiz

  • Maths quiz for a mixed ability maths group to use on Hallowe’en.

Halloween Pumpkin Soup Recipe Sheets

  • A handy set of display posters showing the key stages and instructions to make pumpkin soup.

Halloween Wordsearch

  • Wordsearch for KS2.

Colour the spooky house - halloween fun!

  • Interactive - animation - choose the colours for the spooky house.

Halloween Creepy Collection - Secondary

Collection of activities, background information, worksheets and revision aids.

Mini Murder Mystery for Hallowe’en

  • Number work up to BIDMAS. Why not award a “spooky prize” for the first fully correct final accusation?

Halloween Fairy Cakes

  • Simple recipe encouraging independent working and presentation skills.

Halloween Game

  • Fun halloween board game for German students.

Halloween Definitions

  • A fun halloween themed worksheet for French students.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare: The Role of the Witches

  • Comprehensive study pack with a range of activities and selected extracts from the play.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare: Lady Macbeth

  • Powerpoint coursework essay guide exploring Lady Macbeth’s role within the play.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller: Coursework

  • Twentieth century Drama coursework booklet- a comprehensive study pack.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

  • Study pack for the novel with a wide choice of suggested coursework essay titles.

Powerpoint Ghost Story

  • Updated version of a previous resource - rename file ext to open.

Poetry about witches

  • Collection of poems in a booklet all about witches - spells, chants and descriptions.

Introduction to the horror genre

  • PowerPoint lesson, looking at the horror genre through time.

Halloween in Spanish

  • PowerPoint for Halloween.

Halloween Reading Comprehension - French

  • Powerpoint with texts about how Halloween is celebrated and with questions to answer.

Halloween activity, quiz and bingo pack - French

  • Useful Halloween vocabulary for French language classrooms.

Halloween Maths Quiz

  • Seasonal fun quiz for the end of half term.