Halloween teaching resources

Make your lessons a treat this All Hallow’s Eve with the aid of all sorts of spooky ghosts and gruesome ghouls.

Pumpkins with Sesame Street

  • Sesame Street goes pumpkin crazy with lantern making lessons that young and old alike can enjoy.

10 naughty witches

  • Ten bottles of beer become ten naughty witches in this tuneful counting exercise.

What is Halloween?

  • Not all explanations of Halloween have to be scary – this PowerPoint takes a gentler approach and includes many photos of other children getting in the Halloween spirit.

Halloween quiz

  • This descriptive guessing game is a great way to get students in a spooky mood.

Making pumpkin lanterns

  • It isn’t Halloween without the grisly smile of a jack-o’-lantern greeting visitors at your door, and this guide shows you how to make one.

VCOP starter

  • Get your pupils warmed up for Halloween – and the start of the lesson! – with this engrossing starter activity.

Halloween around the world

  • Halloween is celebrated differently all around the world, and this PowerPoint gives a taster of the different celebrations at this time of year.

Harry Potter maths

  • Potion mixtures need to be perfected and sweets need to be divided among hungry witches and wizards in this set of magical maths questions for muggles.

Halloween wordsearch

  • A simple wordsearch to complete on Halloween.

Frank about town

  • Frankenstein is new in town, can your pupils direct him to where he needs to go?

Mini-murder mystery

  • There has been a murder this Halloween. Justice can only be done through careful working and correct use of the BIDMAS rule.

Witch poetry

  • The essence of the witch is captured in this selection of poems with gruesome verses and wicked rhymes.

Halloween quiz: imagery & history

  • The history of Halloween goes back hundreds of years – find out more about the origins and imagery surrounding the festival with this quiz.

Bleeding paper

  • Join Steve Spangler Science in creating some Halloween ‘magic’ with bleeding paper!

Frightening fairy cakes

  • A tasty task sure to get the saliva glands working; try these ideas and recipes for Halloween-themed fairy cakes.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

  • A comprehensive glance into the gothic genre with Bram Stoker’s famous literary creation – a perfect topic for the scariest day of the year.

The horror genre

  • An introductory look into the history of the horror genre including greats such as Dracula himself.

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