Harvest teaching resources

Harvest Festival

The theme of harvest resonates throughout religious and world communities. As the main harvest is collected, the hard work put into producing it is celebrated with the harvest festival. Help your class celebrate this socially important event with these free, hand-picked resources.

Vegetable rap

  • Time to don the bling and show some harvest time attitude with this catchy rhyming rap.

Harvest assembly

  • Show off your Scrabble skills! This assembly takes different words made using the letters of the word harvest and links them to the harvest festival.

Saying thank you: Harvest and Sukkot

  • Harvest is a time to be thankful for the food that we consume, and this medium-term plan captures the essence of harvest and the festival of Sukkot.

Harvest playscript

  • Packed with harvest song and story, not to mention a community of inquisitive mice, this assembly is a nice introduction to the values shared at harvest time.

Comparing Sukkot and harvest

  • Highlight the differences and similarities between Sukkot and harvest with this attractive PowerPoint.

Harvest festivals around the world

  • From yams in Africa to lammas in the Scottish Highlands, teach your pupils about the different harvest festivals that occur around the world.

Harvest background

  • Look at some of the fruits and vegetables of harvest time along with religious harvest festivals in this attractive presentation.

Harvest food preparation

  • Harvest time brings food that fills our bellies, but where does it come from and how is it produced? Discuss with this picture prompt PowerPoint.

Harvest comprehension

  • This simple comprehension activity has the harvest topic as its theme.

Pip at harvest

  • Join Pip on his journey from wheat to loaf as he discovers some of the processes at work during harvest time.

What does harvest make you think of?

  • The word harvest can mean different things to different people, and this activity is a chance to see what it means to your pupils.

Guess my fruit or veg

  • Using just yes and no questions pupils must guess the identity of the fruit or vegetable they have stuck on their forehead.

Where does our food come from?

  • Track the progress of our food from its origin to our plates with this lesson, which includes a blank storyboard to capture the epic journey in picture.

Harvest sorting activity

  • This task will get younger pupils to colour and match up harvest pictures.

What does harvest mean?

  • Lesson 1 of the Harvest Festivals topic provided by QCDA Resources looks at explaining what the term ‘harvest’ really means.