Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School


Trinity College in South Australia


Band 2 Position of Responsibility Level 4


Full Time


A Junior School educational leader, registered to teach in South Australia, is sought for the start of Term 1, 2014.


Trinity College has four R – 10 Schools, North, Blakeview, South and Gawler River. These Schools are led by their School Principal. They are in turn divided into two sub-schools, Junior (R – 6) and Middle (7 – 10) with each sub school having a Head.




The Head of Junior School is responsible for the smooth operation of the Junior School. This operational responsibility covers staff management, student management, community relations and curriculum management as directed by the College curriculum committee. The Head of the Junior School is responsible to the Principal of the School and in the case of curriculum to the Director of Studies, who in turn is responsible to the Curriculum Committee. While the position is designed and encouraged to have a considerable level of autonomy, it is also important to understand the position in the context of the overall development of the R-10 school to which it belongs, under the guidance of the Principal, and the broader context of the College.




Staff, Leadership and Management


The Head of Junior School is responsible for the day to day care of staff who teaches in year’s reception to six. This care will include appraisal of progress, managing the budgets and allocation of teacher resources and professional guidance and support. The Head will be responsible for the development of effective systems for the communication of staff needs and responsibilities. The Head of Junior School will also support the Principal of the school with the employment and deployment of the staff in R- 6.


Student Management


The Head of the Junior School is responsible for the general tone, discipline and progress (academic and pastoral) of students in years R- 6. The Head of Junior School is responsible for establishing effective systems to monitor and react to student progress. This will include an understanding of timetables, pastoral and behaviour management approaches, approaches to effective student learning and student learning outcomes.


Community Relations


The Head of Junior School is responsible for developing and implementing excellent processes of communication with parents about issues concerning their children at the School. This will include student reporting, parent/teacher interviews, information evenings and general community involvement.


Curriculum Support


While the curriculum of the College is set and guided by the Curriculum Committee and monitored by the Director of Studies it is expected that the Head of Junior School will lend expertise, support and day to day management of the curriculum at the school level. This will include developing curriculum initiatives, supporting the curriculum direction of the College, considering and making recommendations about staff professional development, and producing documentation that informs the community about curriculum development and design at this level. The Head of Junior School will work under the direction of the School Principal on these matters.


General Administration


The Head of the Junior School will be expected to be involved in the general administration of the School. This will be done under the direction of the Principal of the School and will include tasks that will vary from school to school. It may include helping to organise PD events, managing teams, assemblies and overseeing co-curricular commitments. These are examples only and may differ from school to school. Other duties as allocated by the School Principal or Head


All teachers are expected to support the Christian ethos of the College. It would be hoped that the successful applicant would be able to actively contribute to the Christian life of the College.


How to Apply:




“Please Quote TES Australia when applying for this ad”


Trinity College

PO Box 131

Gawler South Australia 5118


Closing Date: 4th November 2013


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