Health, Social and Child Care teaching resources

Health, Social and Child Care

Teaching resources on communication skills, equality and diversity and childcare suitable for BTEC, NVQ and other health and social vocational courses. From instructional PowerPoints to role plays, unit planning to careers advice, there’s plenty to help prepare students for the world of work.

Effective communication

Developing trust

  • This resource highlights the skills needed by care professionals to foster trusting relationships with others.

Body language

  • This resource explains how communication can be effective through mannerisms and body language, not just through speech.


  • An entire unit on the topic of communication in health and social care settings.

Barriers to communication

  • An engaging set of role play activities to emphasise the difficulties that can exist in communicating with people in health and care settings.n

Equality, diversity and rights

Positive working practices

  • A PowerPoint explaining the codes of good practice, anti-discriminatory policies and empowerment that underpin the ethos of equality and rights in the care environment.

Equality, diversity and rights

  • A set of PowerPoints covering discrimination and the benefits of diversity in society.

Introduction to discrimination

  • A good starting point for covering all the bases for direct and indirect discriminatory practices.

Health, safety and security

Health, safety and security unit

  • This unit of work is on the health, safety and security unit and features word scramble activities and research tasks.

Incident and safety responses

  • These documents look into incident response as well as health and safety in the work place.

Spotting the hazards – abuse

  • A difficult subject but one which aims to teach the duty of care and spotting the tell-tale signs of abuse.

Health and nutrition

The nutrient groups

  • Proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamin are explained in these dietetic PowerPoint lessons.

Healthy eating and exercise

  • Some information sheets looking at the effects of a healthy diet and regular exercise on the body.

Health promotion

  • A unit’s worth of work on approaches to health promotion including the role of mass media and social marketing.


Child development

  • This NGfL Cymru unit examines physical, intellectual, social and emotional child development.

Theories of development

  • This resource uses the theories of Piaget, Skinner, Bandura and Freud to examine child development.

All about nappies

  • A lesson covering the angles on nappy quality and changing.

Play time

  • A series of role plays and group activities designed to inspire creative and imaginative play ideas within childcare workers.

Careers in health and social care

Key workers and job roles

  • An NGfL Cymru unit looking at the roles of key workers in health, social care and early years.

Careers overview

  • This is an overview of the careers available within the health and social care sector, with further information on its various sub-sectors, occupations and employers.

Health and social care apprenticeship

  • A fact sheet detailing the work experience, work related learning and skills that come with an apprenticeship.

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