Healthy Eating Week teaching resources

Healthy Eating Week (3-7 June) is a chance to have fun with food as well as to teach children all about healthy eating, cooking and farming. We’ve put together a special selection of teaching ideas and activities to help you make the most of Healthy Eating Week.

TESiboard Interactives

Bear’s kitchen (KS1)

  • Help feed Little Bear by finding examples of food from different food categories.

Food sorter (KS1)

  • Drag food items into the basket, then sort the foods into groups, giving them appropriate labels on the Venn diagram.

Introduction to healthy eating

Healthy eating

  • Get your pupils up on their feet and singing along to this fun healthy eating song – sung to the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It.

Healthy eating poem

  • This lively poem is a comic recitation of a variety of meals and dishes and finishes with a word of caution about overeating.

Food design - healthy eating project (KS1)

  • A presentation to introduce Year 1 to a healthy eating topic, where pupils design and make a healthy food product suitable for their chosen target audience.

Feed the Family - food choices in UK and Zambia

  • This is a fun way for pupils to think about making good food choices, incorporating budgeting skills. Pupils will take the part of UK or Zambian families and learn how poverty can affect nutrition.

Nutrition dominoes (KS2)

  • A game with colourful, detailed cards that is useful for assessment and revision.

Healthy eating Top Trumps (KS2)

  • A set of healthy eating Top Trump cards to stimulate discussing healthy food choices.

TES Partners

Healthy eating introduction

  • This interactive resource from TES partner NGfL Cymru introduces children to healthy eating and includes a full lesson plan.

Cooking healthy food

  • This set of resources developed by TES partner foodafactoflife form part of a series of lessons exploring healthy eating – with downloadable resources to support the teaching of cooking!

Unhealthy food choices

  • This BBC Class Clip examines the children’s food choices in a primary schools. Using props and make-up, children are shown what might happen in the future if they maintain an unhealthy lifestyle.

Grocery Store Wars

  • An amusing, intergalactic parody video from Green TV. Great to engage pupils on discussion of organic foods and for starting a topic on healthy eating.

Healthy eating: Fruit kebabs

  • Explore healthy eating from fruit kebabs to sandwich wraps and meal times with these recipes and activities from foodafactoflife.

Recipe delight

  • Learn how to cook hummus, pepper and grated carrot pockets, spicy bean burgers and prawn noodle soup with foodafactoflife’s themed food recipes.

Food route game

  • Why do we need calcium? How do you make bread? Where should you store fresh ham or butter? Try this engaging activity from foodafactoflife.

Eatwell plate

  • How much of what you eat should come from each food group? Use the Eatwell Plate from Grain Chain and help students understand what makes a balanced meal.

Food flash cards

  • Support visual learning and help children remember the names of different foods with this fun flash card activity from Sesame Street.