High frequency words

Hight Frequency Words

Activities, mats, cards, interactive whiteboards and assessment resources.

Word mats

KS1 word mat

  • Year 1 and Year 2 high frequency words.

Word mats

  • High Frequency Words that can be printed on mats for all year groups.

Word mat

  • Based on Letters & Sounds high frequency words.

HF word practice board

  • Board to laminate and keep in the writing area or use as an independent task to practice HF words.

Flash cards

Letters and sounds

  • 100 high frequency words on flashcards.

Year 1 and 2 High Frequency word cards

  • Seaside themed High Frequency words.

Reception words

  • 45 reception high frequency words on apples.

Reception HFWs

  • Caterpillars on leaves with the HFWs displayed on leaves.

MFW / HFW bookmarks

  • Medium frequency/ high frequency word bookmarks.

100 high frequency words

  • From the letters and sounds document.

IWB and assessment

High frequency words Y1 & Y2

  • PowerPoint of 114 high frequency words.

Foundation stage High Frequency words

  • PowerPoint for reading practice.

Reception High frequency words

  • The first 45 words on PowerPoint slides to use as an alternative to traditional flashcards.

KS1 words check sheet

  • Year 1 high frequency key words.

Assessment of High Frequency Words

  • A ?tick sheet? to assess class on first 100 words.

KS1 high frequency words

  • Check sheet can be sent home and serves as useful record.


CVC High Frequency word sentence

  • Complete the sentences made of high frequency word.

High frequency word bingo

  • Read words and match them to their card.

HF word bingo/body parts

  • A game of bingo to play in the first term with Reception with a mixture of HF words and pictures of body parts.