History - The British Empire collection

Resources on the topic of The British Empire, which are suitable for all levels at KS3.

Start of the British Empire

  • A good PowerPoint with several different tasks which will add pace to your lessons. The interpretation work is easy to understand and the pupils will love the ‘Horrible Histories’ clip at the end.

The British Empire: A Force for Good or Evil?

  • A fun interactive resource which has paired and group activities, with a clear task for pupils to complete. This will take more than one lesson.

The British Empire: Advertising

  • A fun and interesting activity that will make the pupils consider their perception of the British Empire through interpretations of adverts. Suitable for pupils of all levels.

Cortes Card Sort

  • A card sort activity which can be used to design a living graph of the man and his achievements.

The Sepoy Rebellion

  • A great case study on the British Empire, with well put together tasks. Has a section for Gifted and Talented pupils.

Slave Trade Triangle

  • A great introductory lesson to the triangle trade. The cut and stick activity will make the steps clear. Particularly useful for low ability.

What is Slavery?

  • A good first lesson on slavery. The first slide will need to be amended, but the PowerPoint has a clear description on how to reach Level 6. There are clear instructions and several different enjoyable tasks. Allows for independent thinking.

Daily Life of a Slave

  • A PowerPoint with clear objectives. A range of activities and opportunities to analyse sourcework.

Slave Resistance

  • An interesting starter which will enthuse pupils and create discussion. The main body of the lesson is to create a diamond nine as a group, which is challenging and interesting!

William Wilberforce

  • A contextual PowerPoint to introduce Thomas Clarkson and William Wilberforce. Very informative.

The Middle Passage

  • A good PowerPoint which may take more than one lesson to complete. The sourcework is suited to pupils of all abilities and easy to understand. Activities include interpretation, hot seating and extended writing.

British Empire Keywords

  • A fantastic starter for keywords. Could be used as an activity to guess the unit.

Life in a Cotton Plantation

  • Well selected sources with clear tasks and a fantastic levelled assessment at the end.

Why Did the British Become Empire Builders?

  • A good PowerPoint with quick pace and a good range of interesting tasks. This draws on previous knowledge as well as cause and consequence.


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