Holiday safety teaching resources

Safeguarding is an important part of every teacher’s role, but it isn’t just about making sure children are safe in the classroom. Ensure pupils are aware of how to keep safe during the holidays with these free lesson plans and teaching resources on road safety, rail safety, stranger danger and more.

Holiday safety

  • From stranger danger to staying safe at sea, there are several holiday situations covered in these safety guidelines.

Little book of safety

  • Pupils can design their own safety leaflet with this template.

Road safety

Think! Road safety teaching guide

  • EdComs shares this detailed guide explaining why road safety’s important and how to embed it in the curriculum.

Safe road game

  • Pupils try to design the safest road with this board game design project from Living Streets.

Road safety song

  • Pupils can remember the green cross code with a little help from this song.

Rail safety

Railway safety

  • Get your KS3 and KS4 students to role-play potential situations arising from not being careful around railway tracks with this resource pack from Toliff.

Graffiti dangers

  • A video and lesson plan explaining the deadly dangers of trying to spray-paint around railways tracks.

Rail safety in the news

  • Try our short news story, video and related teaching resources on Network Rail’s ‘track death’ campaign featuring 400m hurdles champion Dai Greene. Why not encourage pupils to write their own news story?

Risks outdoors

Is it safe?

  • A British Red Cross lesson which asks students to identify hazards in the garden and other outdoors areas.

Be aware

  • The Happy Gang explain how to stay safe on the road and around water in this BBC Class Clips video.


  • Steve Spangler Science shares a video experiment demonstrating how to stay safe when there’s lightning.

Safe at sea

  • How will your students react to these hazard case studies? Find out who would put themselves at risk and who is a lifeguard in the making with this decision lesson from rnlieducation.

Hazards at home

Protect yourself

  • Students identify hazards in the home with this comprehensive resource pack.

Kitchen first aid

  • If students are enthusiastic about helping with the cooking, make sure they understand how to treat any burns, cuts or injuries they may get in the kitchen with this first aid PowerPoint.


  • From fuses to plug sockets, show students the dangers of electricity in the home with this lesson.

Food safety

Bad bacteria

  • What types of bacteria lurk in the kitchen? How do they grow? How can they be stopped? This PowerPoint gives the full low-down on nasty bacteria.

Food poisoning

  • Avoid student sickness during the holiday season by helping them to understand how to avoid food poisoning.


  • Students identify contaminants and how they get into foods with this simple worksheet.

Stranger danger

Relationships and strangers

  • Help students understand the difference between friends and foes with this range of activities including a wordsearch, comprehensive tasks and mind-mapping.

There isn’t any room for strangers

  • A short song which you can use to emphasise the danger of strangers.

Getting lost

  • Six-year-old Teigan explains what to do if children are separated from their parents in this video.

Don’t talk to strangers certificate

  • Reward pupils who prove they know how to react to strangers with this simple certificate.

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