Hospitality and catering teaching resources

Hospitality and catering

Teaching resources on customer service, cooking skills and event management suitable for BTEC, NVQ and other vocational hospitality and catering courses. From instructional PowerPoints to recipes, research skills to careers advice, there’s plenty to help prepare students for the world of work.

Hospitality industry

Industry brief

  • Students can hold their own hospitality show and introduce their peers to careers in the industry with this BTEC level two assignment brief.

Welcome to the hospitality industry

  • Introduce BTEC first hospitality with this pack of assignments and worksheets that will help students analyse the industry and develop staff handbooks.

Investigate the industry

  • This assignment is designed to help your students discover what the hospitality industry is as part of a BTEC level two Hospitality Certificate.

Cooking skills

Cooking basics

  • From purchasing to preparing, this BTEC level two brief introduces students to basic cookery skills.

Equipment and cooking methods

  • Explore different cooking methods, kitchen utensils and mixing equipment with this range of resources.

Health & safety

Safety in hospitality

  • Study legislations and procedures that will help students maintain a safe working environment.

Food hygiene and safety

  • Foodafactoflife provides information about different aspects of food spoilage, preservation, hygiene and safety.

Safe food storage

  • A PowerPoint and quiz promoting safe food storage in the workplace.

Managing an event

Event planning

  • A handy booklet for students to record research and plans. Turn a planner into an assessment record with this detailed step-by-step booklet for students to complete.

Event management crash course

  • Behind successful managers are great teachers. Inspire students to manage events with confidence with this research pack of worksheets and presentations.

Keeping it environmentally friendly

  • Help students make their events sustainable with these activities asking them to think green.

Customer service

Keeping up appearances

  • Help pupils present themselves with an air of professionalism with this PowerPoint introducing customer service.

Above and beyond

  • Introduce the characteristics and benefits of excellent customer service.

World foods

Food from around the world

  • For a gastronomy globe-trot try this BTEC level two assignment brief exploring contemporary foods from abroad.

Culinary curry skills

  • A bundle of resources to help students cook a chicken curry, from recipes to observation sheets.

Preparing food

Hot and cold

  • Explore hot and cold holdings with this pack of handouts and worksheets for class.

Store away, clean down

  • How should food be stored and equipment cleaned down? Make sure things are prepped and tidied effectively with this resource pack.



  • A look at career routes in the restaurant business.


  • A glimpse into potential career opportunities and earnings in the hotel business.

Where next?

  • Introduce students to the hospitality and tourism industry, starting wages, career routes and the industry structure are covered in this information guide.

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