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Web Wonder Week #19 - Popplet

Popplet lets you share ideas by brainstorming online.

Web Wonder Week #18 - Animoto

Animoto is a website that allows you to create your own videos.

Web Wonder Week #17 - Voxopop

Voxopop allows you to share ideas by recording your own audio podcasts.

Web Wonder Week #16 - Slideshare

If you need to share your documents (PowerPoint, Word and PDF) so that anybody can view them online or download them then you need Slideshare.

Web Wonder Week #15 - Quizlet

An online quizzing tool which can really help with your revision activities.

Web Wonder Week #14 - Photopeach

A tool which allows you to create fantastic photo slideshows.

Web Wonder Week #13 - 3X3Links

3x3Links is a handy online tool that allows you to set up your own shareable internet start page.

Web Wonder Week #12 - Gliffy

A tool which allows you to create charts and diagrams to share online.

Web Wonder Week #11 - Plinky

Plinky is a fantastic free website where you get a new prompt or a new challenge to complete every day.

Web Wonder Week #10 - SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a fantastic free website where you can record audio, or upload something you’ve already recorded, to share with other people.

Web Wonder Week #9 - Glogster

A great online poster creation tool called Glogster.

Web Wonder Week #8 - CorkboardMe

Virtual noticeboard tool that is handy for lessons.

Web Wonder Week #7 - Wordnik

Wordnik is an online dictionary/thesaurus.

Web Wonder Week #6 - Newspaper clipping

Experimenting with a very convincing newspaper clipping generator.

Web Wonder Week #5 - Essay Map

Essay Map is a brilliant tool which works as an interactive graphic organiser that walks you through the process of writing an essay.

Web Wonder Week #4 - 10 x 10

The 10x10 website presents the words and images that are trending on news sites across the world in real time.

Web Wonder Week #3 - Newseum and Newsmap

Both Newseum and Newsmap let you display the latest news stories from across the world in an interactive visual way.

Web Wonder Week #2 - Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy is a fantastic free visual search engine that you can use in your classroom very easily.

Web Wonder Week #1 - Type with Me

Type With Me allows teachers and students to work together on one web page.There are so many ways you can use typewith.me in the classroom.