Induction - getting started as an NQT


The beginning of every teaching career can be a very daunting time, during which questions, uncertainties and stress are a part of the process. To help ease the pressure we have gathered plenty of material as shared by the teaching community on TES, and selected for quality by our NQT specialists. This collection provides essential advice and support around key areas such as behaviour management, lesson planning and professional standards, all of which can help to get new teachers started and save them some time!


Induction documentation

Key documents that outline the statutory guidance, roles and responsibilities for all who play a part in the induction process.

Core Standards – 1 per page

Sets out each standard on a separate page.Useful to print for a portfolio for filing evidence of your core (induction) standards.

Core standards grid

A useful grid setting out the core (induction) standards where you can record your evidence.


Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management for NQTs (general)

Managing behaviour is one of the most often cited problems that NQTs struggle with. In particular the low-level disruption that is common in many classes. The following resources can be used at primary or secondary level with a small amount of adaptation.

Responsible Behaviour Guide

A good guide to dealing with low-level disruption – lists some easy to implement common sense approaches to behaviour management.

Classroom Management Strategies

This guide analyses common classroom behaviours, provides possible causes of the behaviour and strategies for dealing with them.

Managing pupils with ADD/ADHD

A useful guide with 50 tips for dealing with ADD/ADHD children, written by those who have children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

Using group work to manage behaviour

Pupils may not naturally work in groups, this resource guides you through some aspects of group work and how it can help manage behaviour in the classroom.


Behaviour Management for NQTs (primary)

Behaviour ladder

This resource can be used to reward or warn pupils. It’s adaptable so you can alter the wording to suit your class.

Mr Men and Little Miss personalised stickers

These sheets of stickers can be personalised to provide rewards for your pupils, direct from their teacher.

Reward Tags

A set of colourful reward tags that can be laminated and given to pupils as a reward for good work or behaviour.

Positive behaviour management resources

This is a set of resources (reward cards and letter templates) that can be adapted for use in either primary or secondary settings.



Behaviour management for NQTs (secondary)

Changing challenging behaviour

A Teachers’ TV resource set on how to deal with challenging behaviour, includes a video, downloadable posters worksheets and displays.

Positive behaviour management resources

This is a set of resources (reward cards and letter templates) that can be adapted for use in either primary or secondary settings.

Top 10 tips for behaviour management

This is a nice reminder list of positive behaviour management, with tips on what to do and what not to do.

How to succeed with the noisy class

This booklet provides practical tips on how to deal with noisy classes and manage their behaviour successfully.


NQT Support

Lesson planning for NQTs

Lesson planning as a qualified teacher is different from the planning you did as a trainee, but no less important. Good planning is essential for good teaching.

General advice on lesson planning and lesson design

Lesson Planning design and guidance

Lesson planning part 1 and 2

Two short summaries/guides to the essentials of lesson planning from NQT TES expert James Williams

Teaching Strategy Manual

A manual of different activities (120+) to use in your lesson planning.

Assessment for Learning Toolkit

Assessment for Learning (AfL) activities you can put into your day to day planning. A useful summary of the main activities and how they work.


Surviving the NQT year

Work/Life balance in the NQT year

This website provides advice on how to manage your work/life balance during the NQT year (and beyond).

Teacher Survival tips

This guide looks at coping strategies and how to manage your time effectively

How to stay safe as a NQT

A booklet from the union VOICE on rights for NQTs, roles responsibilities and attaining a work/life balance.

Ease the Load

Advice from Teachers’ TV on how to not work full time if your job is part-time.Includes a video and downloadable advice.

Working effectively with colleagues

Advice on how to get the most out of your relationship with TA’s.

Secondary NQTs and Time Management

Links to teachers’ TV programmes on time management with NQTs in secondary schools.

Stress Relief for Schools - Managing Stress

Two psychologists offer advice on managing school stress. Professor Cary Cooper from Lancaster University is joined by occupational psychologist Emma Donaldson-Feilder to discuss methods of managing school stress.

More support and advice

Jobseeking advice collection

We have gathered some helpful advice, tips and guidance for trainees for jobseeking, applications and interview tips.

Core Standards for Induction:

A list of the standards you must meet in order to pass induction.

TDA booklet on supporting the induction process

Help for you, your mentor and your school on how to get through the induction process.

Induction calculator (excel spreadsheet)

Induction calculator instructions (word document)

This useful spreadsheet lets you calculate how many days you have to complete on induction, especially useful if you change schools during the process or work part-time.